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Before you apply for a United States Visa as a Nigerian, it is important you first figure out the important steps involved. Many a US Visa application falls through every year owing to the car less mistakes made on the part of the applicants. Therefore, it is important to learn first from the mistakes of others, rather than rush to join the ‘network’ of applicants whose Visa application fails to meet the standard requirements of a US Visa.

So, what are the general requirements your Visa application must meet.

General US Visa Requirements
1. You must have a valid Nigerian International Passport issued and duly authenticated by the Nigerian Immigration Service. Now, you may ask why is an international passport from the Nigerian Immigration Service so important? Well, the International passport is vital because it’s a form of  Guarantee from the Nigerian Government identifying you as a Nigerian. Consequently, it serves as a boost in the overall Visa processing.

2. Understand the full requirements as spelt out by the American Embassy in Abuja or those of its Consulate in Lagos depending on where you intend to process your Visa.

3.There are various types of visa you can apply for. Therefore, it is important that you apply for the right Visa that meets your needs. Basically, there are two broad types of US visas– nonimmigrant visas and immigrants visas.

Non-immigrant visas are issued to applicants visiting the US on a short stay for example– study, leisure or vacation,  business needs, Healthcare and treatment, etc. On the other hand, migrant visas are issued to those who wish to permanently relocate to the United States. Once you have sorted out the type of visa you want, then you can go ahead and pay the required visa fee.

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How to Pay for United States Visa
For Non-immigrant visa application
Visa payment is billed in United States dollars ( NOT Naira!). The fee for nonimmigrant visa costs about $190 to $265, which is payable at GTBank. You may want to visit the GTBank in your location to confirm this.

Immigrant Visa Application
If you would like to apply for the immigrant US Visa, then you will need to visit the US Consulate Office in Lagos– the US Embassy in Abuja does NOT currently process US immigrant visas.

Step 4
Complete the DS-160 form if applying for non-immigrant visa. The DS-160 form The DS-160 is needed if you want to temporarily travel to the US, as well as for K (fiancé(e)) visas.

You will need to submit Form DS-160 to the US Department of State through its website. The information supplied on the Form will enable US Consular Officers  process your visa application. In addition to this, the DS-160 Form combined with your visa interview, can make or mar your eligibility for the nonimmigrant visa. Hence, completing the form is vital to the success of your application.

Bear in mind that all Visa application must be followed by the submission of a successfully completed DS-160 form online. Once the form is submitted online, you won’t be allowed to make any subsequent changes. Therefore, make sure you fill only valid, verifiable information before you hit the “submit” button.

Step 5
Create a Profile on the United States Embassy website online at You must have already submitted your DS-160 form before you create your profile.

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It is also important to supply your email address and password, among other vital info, when creating your profile.

Step 6
Login to the US embassy site and schedule appointment. Scheduling an appointment means scheduling an interview with a US Visa official to verify whether or not you should be given a Visa to travel to the United States. The “Schedule Appointment” link can be found on the left hand side of your dashboard after you login.

Step 7
Get all your documents ready after successfully scheduling an appointment. The needed documents  include: your applicant’s passport number, the receipt of the deposit you made at GTBank, the 10 digits Barcode you will be given on the DS-160 form confirmation page.

Sometimes, the embassy may also require that you provide your Bank Statement of Account, to specify your financial capabilities.

Step 8
Still on the US embassy site, you may be asked to fill your biodata, document delivery location, confirm visa payment as well as schedule appointment.

Step 9
If you have any questions, feel free to call the US embassy hotline on +23414406218 or send an email to [email protected] to schedule an appointment after making the required bank deposit.

Step 10.
Visit US Embassy on the Schedule date and time for your visa interview.

If your visa application becomes successful, it will be sent to the document delivery location specified by you.

Don’t forget that when going for your visa interview, you have to go with a Nigerian/international passport which should be valid at least 6 months beyond your expected period of stay in America and visa payment receipt from GTBank. You will also need to supply your email address, telephone number, as well as other documents that are relevant to the interview.

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All the best!

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