The Australian embassy is your next point of call in the event you wish to travel out of Nigeria to Australia. Things are not as difficult as many people want to make you belief about traveling to Australia. While it may not be so difficult, you also need to handle things very carefully. The Australian Embassy in Nigeria will meet all your Visa needs. Some of the things you need to keep in mind when applying for Australian visa will be made known below.

Australian Embassy in Nigeria Location

The Australian embassy is located in both Abuja and Lagos. They are open from Monday to Friday to those who may want to process Australian visa. They have their telephone numbers listed on their website. You can therefore give them a call to make enquiries about getting Australian visa needless to say, you need to possess an international passport before you can ever even start thinking of obtaining a visa.

Important points about visitor visas to Australia

Anyone seeking for visitor visas into Australia can go for online lodgement for easier processing. The visitor visa has subclass 600. And it is available for citizens of Nigeria, Benin, Gambia, Republic of Congo, Cameroon and Benin. If your intention is to visit Australia for tourism purpose, then the visitor visa is the best for you. It is also made available for those who may be interested in short business trips to Australia. If you are placing international call anyway, you may have to pay for call charges.

Visa services are available for anyone seeking visitor’s visa. You can register for it at any time of the day or night and any day of the week. No need to visit the embassy or to even mail the embassy; just visit their website and fill the form. You can also have someone fill the said form for you and you must indicate that you are the one who gave the person permission to do that.

Get vaccinated prior to acceptance

Before you are permitted to enter into Australia or before you are ever granted visa for any purpose whatsoever, you need to present evidence of vaccination from various ailments like polio, yellow fever and Ebola. You need to show that you are free from polio if you have ever spent up to 28 days in a number of countries including Nigeria. Other countries requiring such evidence of vaccination are Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Israel, Iraq, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and Afghanistan. Though the authorities at the Australian embassy will contact you in the event you did not submit evidence of vaccination, but it is better to get such submitted along with your visa application.

When applying for Australian visa as a Nigerian, you will be required to provide the following information among others as required by the authorities:

  • Biometrics
  • Visa type
  • Processing times
  • Visa label

The form to fill is available online and you should submit all required evidence to prove that the information you have submitted is correct and provable. Make sure you always find out about your visa application progress after making your submission. This will help you to know when to visit the embassy for visa interview.


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