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Nigerian banks really rock and we are really proud to showcase some of the best banks in the country! Below is the list of best banks in Nigeria 2017 and unique facts about each of them.

  1. First Bank of Nigeria

This bank is the very first bank in Nigeria and it was established in 1894. It is the biggest and richest bank in Nigeria. It has branches in other Africa countries including South Africa , France , United Kingdom and China . First Bank total deposit is N2.57 trillion , Total Assets is 25 trillion, Gross Ernings is 44 billion and Shareholders Funds 71 billion

     2). Zenith Bank Nigeria

Zenith Bank was founded in the year 1990 and officially gained recognition in 2004 . This is the second richest and biggest bank in Nigeria and they have total assets of N3.189 trillion. Zenith Bank Plc World Ranking is 293rd and customer Deposit is 27 trillion. Total Assets is 14 trillion.

     3). Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

GTBank Internet Banking

GTB is the third richest Banks in Nigeria on Nigerian Trend with assets worth of N2.102 trillions.


Guaranty Trust Bank world Ranking is 415th. Customer Deposit is 44 billion and Total Assets is 1 trillion.

GTBank Western union tracking is excellent and you get to have real-time access to track your funds sent in through Western union.

    4). Access Bank Nigeria

This bank is 4th in Nigeria and was established in 1989. They acquired Intercontinental bank and they started using Access Bank for both which was more like a merger. Access Bank has 309 branches worldwide and 1600 ATMs . Customer Deposit is 33 trillion,Total Assets is 8 trillion, Gross earnings is N207 billion .

    5). Keystone Bank

This bank came to being in 2011 and it was formally operated as Defunct Bank PHB . Keystone Bank has not less than 300 business offices nationwide and assets worth $8.500 billion.

    6). Ecobank Nigeria

Ecobank was established in the year 1986. They acquired Oceanic bank . They are the Pan African Bank and that is their Logo . Ecobank Nigeria recorded a tremedious increase in their assets few years after acquiring Oceanic bank . This Banks is worth N1.32 trillion .

     7). Diamond Bank

This bank is a universal bank that serves billions of citizens across the globe. Diamond Bank total assets stood around N1.519 trillion. Customer Deposit is 206 billion; Gross Earnings is N181 billion gross earning and Shareholder Funds is 85 billion

    8). Union Bank

This Bank is one of the oldest Banks in the county today. Union Bank has succeeded in erecting their satellite offices in Johannesburg , Benin Reoublic , London and other major African countries .It’s assets is around $6.130 billion .

    9). Skye Bank

Skye Bank is in the list of the richest bank in Nigeria but due to it low ranking it is occupying the number 9 spot on the list . They were able to make it here because of their relentless effort in promotions, using TV and internet blogs advertising . Skye Bank asset worth is $ 5.679 billion last time we checked. Gross Earnings is N177 billion, Total Assets is N1.146 trillion and Customer Deposit is 118 trillion

   10). Fidelity Bank

In 1988, they stared as a Motgage Bank. It was converted to a commercial bank in 1990. Fidelity Bank Customer Deposit is N806 billion , PBT is 08 billion, Gross Earning is N127 billion and Total Assets is N0.8 billion .

In Conclusion….

Nigerian banks really rock and we are really proud to showcase some of the best banks in the country! We have just reviewed the list of the best banks in Nigeria 2017 and unique facts about each of them. There you have it, the list of the best banks in Nigeria. If you have any comments, suggestions or criticism, let’s hear it in the comment section. Cheers!

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