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There are quite a number of airlines plying the Lagos London route on daily basis. This write up will keep you informed about a number of Cheap Flights to London from Lagos. In the event you plan to visit London from Lagos, you can go through the list of flights made available below and choose yours for an onward flight to London. The flights provided below are among the cheapest rate you can ever get around.

1. Iberia airline
This is one of the leading flight operators from Lagos Nigeria to London UK. They have flight plans for each day of the week as well as weekends. Their prices however vary according to the management. Anyone flying on ibera airline to London from lagos in the month of may will have to part with $304 for one way ticket.

Till June 2015, the same rate of $304 for one way ticket is maintained. In July however, the air ticket will cost $399. It will go for $486 in august and $260 in September.

The rates above may however vary, but that is what obtains tentatively. They have various flight classes. There is the Business Plus, the Business Clubthe Business Class and the Economy Class. It is left for you to choose what best suits your need. Their passengers will be entertained all through the flight with sumptuous meals and drinks according to their taste.

There are over 50 films made available in different languages for the viewing pleasure of the passengers. Portable play station is made available to those flying Business Club. Refreshment is also served onboard. Flight takes off from Lagos 9 am every morning.

2. Virgin Atlantic
Departure time is 9:55 am and the flights are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week. Flight ticket for a one way flight starts from $625. There is business class and there is economy class. The ticket can go as high as $700, depending on the class you are flying.

Light refreshment is also served on board. There is also entertainment for everyone on board. You will have access to free bar services and food on board. You can book a flight via the internet as well as well as via call. The cost decreases as number of travelers increase.

3. Flyhy Cargo Airlines
The take off time is 12:00 pm and it is available each day of the week. The flight rate starts from $550, depending on the class of flight you are flying. Passengers have access to light refreshment as well as lots of on board entertainment. You are permitted to travel with 23 kg of baggage at no extra cost. There are free food and bar services on board for passengers.

4. British airways
The take off time is 11:00pm and the flight is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week. The amount you pay for ticket largely depends on the number of travelers. The flight starts from $626 and the actual amount depends on the class you are flying. The flight actually takes up to 6 hours and 25 minutes from Lagos to London. The flight is also non stop. The various travel classes are first class, business class, premium economy class and economy class.

I hope you find the list of cheap lights to London from Lagos informative. Wishing you a safe trip ahead. Do share the article with your friends and reply the post if you have any questions or comment.



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