Seun Osewa

Seun Osewa is a Nigerian and he is the CEO and founder of the popular online forum, Nairaland is the exact platform that brought Seun Osewa to the limelight. If the truth must be told, he never intended Nairaland to be a money spinning website; he was only having fun with a new idea of bringing Nigerians together on a single platform.

Before his very eyes and to his amazement, the unexpected happened and Nairaland became a house hold name in the Nigerian polity. Today, Nairaland created by Seun Osewa has become the most visited websites in Nigeria.

Considering indigenous websites, Nairaland is the most visited. Today, Nairaland can boast of yup to 1,600,000 registered accounts.

Seun Osewa was born about 32 years ago.  He originated from Ogun state in the southwestern part of Nigeria.  The state is known for its series of big names in Nigeria’s political history; some of the big names are Obafemi Awolowo, Wole Soyinka, MKO Abiola and lots more.

It is the normal thing for Nigerians to move to Lagos state once they have made some money or have attained some levels of popularity. But it may surprise you that Seun Osewa never thought it necessary. He was born in Ogun State and had decided of be domiciled in Ogun State till today.

There is some kind of similarity between Seun Osewa and the likes of Bill Gates of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook; they all never finished from school.

On his own part, Seun Osewa of was actually enrolled into Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. He got admitted into the university to study electrical engineering. Like Bill Gates et al, he never finished from university. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook also dropped out from Harvard University.

Not as if he was rusticated; he voluntarily abandoned his studies since he found interest in other things that has now proved to be more profitable and fulfilling than studying electrical engineering.  Seun Osewa got the said admission in 1998.

According to Seun Osewa in one of his interviews, he confessed that he met with failure in practically all the other business endeavors he ventured into until he struck gold in Nairaland forum .  He had a web hosting business that hit the rock after 3 months due to lack of fund to continue with the business. He started a blog after that and later had a mobile phone forum.

He confessed that the two were successful, but they were not so profitable and as a result, there was no motivation to continue running them.

According to him, he built the foundation of Nairaland on the blog and mobile phone forums. According to him, he ventured into online forum because it does not require much fund to run. He decided to found Nairaland with the intention of giving voice to Nigerians at home.

Seun Osewa noticed that there was no such site as at then that catered for Nigerians in Nigeria and Nairaland was built to fill this void.   As it stands today, the need to satisfy needs of Nigerians has turned Seun Osewa to a millionaire unquestionably.


So, between Nairaland`s Seun Osewa and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook: Any Similarities?