Largest Cities in Nigeria by Land Mass

Top 10 Largest Cities in Nigeria by Land Mass

Nigeria is a huge country to say the fact, and the country is blessed with many great cities. Many of these cities are not just limited to Nigeria in popularity; they...

Top Ten (10) Richest States in Nigeria & Their GDP Networth 2017

Nigeria is a rich country, but the riches are not evenly spread across the entire states in the country; some states are richer than others. One of the factors that make...
who is who in Nigeria

“Who is who“ in Nigeria Politics Today!

Some individuals have the final say in Nigerian politics today, and they are undoubtedly the “who is who“ in Nigeria. These individuals can be referred to as the kingmakers.While some of...

Top 10 Richest Governors in Nigeria

Politics has fast become a money-spinning venture in Nigeria. Many of the rich governors around today had little or nothing when they came to power regarding riches. However, many of them...

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