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It seems that dating app market has got out of hand nowadays, and the amount of services for meeting and interacting with people online continues to grow even more. How not to get lost in the sea of dating startups and services?



This dating giant that has been launched in 2012 seems to have it all: personal approach, top quality, and the well-known swiping method. When launched a few years ago, Tinder carried out a huge promotion campaign: holding parties where the main entry requirement was having the app installed, popularizing it among students, and involving of girls’ profiles to attract more guys later.

dating apps business

However, many believe that their most striking swiping feature is what actually made the app go viral and stay in trend to this day.


Tinder’s parties didn’t go unnoticed; all students were talking about them on lectures, at university, and on campus, and that led to more than 10,000 students joining the service. Later on, Tinder shifted its attention from campuses to cities, but the successful beginning helped further development a lot.



Although Hinge first came up with a model that was common for other dating services, after launching a disruptive mobile version in 2013, it became extremely popular. Like many other apps of the kind, this one improves the efficiency of matching by implanting Facebook related information into the searching process. Hinge calls itself “Tinder for thinking people,” embracing some of its mechanics, yet putting above the concept of “social discovery.”

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It is highly popular among people sick and tired of other dating apps scam manipulations and weirdos everywhere. We can see that this concept was much loved by the public as after one year on the market, Hinge set its facilities in 28 cities all over the USA, showing a statistics of 400m swipes per day. About 4m of which were successful matches.



Don’t get fooled by the name, as this app is not what it seems to be. Founded by two Russians in 2013, Pure is one of the most straightforward players in the game. Simple as is, its concept lies in setting a specific time and place for a hookup. That is why it has become a pleasing of sex-positive crowd so fast. Pure doesn’t offer profiles or pictures; almost full anonymity is its key.


Having a reasonable foundation back, the app started as a closed service with a restricted amount of iOS using members. Before the date of release, the waiting list had counted more than 100,000 people, and, after the launch on the Android platform, the number of added profiles reached 1 million. Why Pure differs from many other dating apps is also because of the paid subscription that can be purchased weekly, monthly, or yearly.



A top-notch dating app for women of pansexual or lesbian orientation. It was originally released in 2014, in the city of London under the name Dattch, and, after raising $1 million in funding, it was relaunched as Her, and the headquarters of the developers moved to New York.

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The rebranding was a part of the changing concept campaign, which included broadening the target audience from lesbians only to female-identified, bi-curious, non-binary people, and queer women, as well. Her has discovered the golden middle between tons of other dating apps: it continues to pass the swiping feature of Tinder but also has likes and comments like the average social network.


What they all are similar in?

Getting funding for a dating startup can be more difficult than it seems. They are dime a dozen, and only same old trusted ones like Tinder are tempting for investors to put money in, while other services are being treated like its pathetic excuse. The apps described above have used various methods of growth hacking, such as parties, presentations, and social influencers. The maximum selling point for each of these apps was a fresh, innovative idea, one of its kind.


If you want to start your own project

  • Be creative and know your target

Never try to rip someone’s idea off; come up with your own and think over the crowd that can become your audience. Twig the problems around you; there can be something you lack in as a dating app user; grab this and transform into the startup, and people will like it.

  • Think about the bigger goal

Apps just for hookups are not that popular because this niche is already taken by giants like Pure. So try to implement details of social networking, responsible relationships, and public activity to attract more mature and intelligent users.

  • Involving influencers
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Today, social influencers are people with a multimillion audience, and their word weighs a lot, so when setting a startup, find a person that has an authority among the community of demographic needed and negotiate with them an instrument of promoting your ideas and products.


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