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The acronym, OBO (meaning Omo Baba Olowo in Yoruba parlance) should not sound strange to you if you are truly conversant with the Nigerian music industry. And of course, the slogan “Omo Baba Olowo” (best translated to mean the son of a very rich man) is used to describe one of the richest musicians in Nigeria, Davido. This post takes a look at how truly wealthy, Dr Deji Adeleke, that is Davido’s Father’s Net worth. Forbes rates him as a multi-billionaire.

You can read the article to know about Davido’s net worth too.

Dr Deji Adeleke Biography

Dr Deji Adeleke, Davido’s Father’s, also called Elder Deji Adeleke, is a Yoruba man from Osun state Nigeria. He was born on March 6 1957, into the family of the Adelekes in faraway Enugu state. A proud Yoruba man from the South western part of Nigeria.

Davido’s father is an astute business man and investor. He was married to Davido’s mother, Dr Vero Adeleke, who was lost to the cold hands of death in the year 2013. The union produced two successful children, Sharon and David Adeleke who is popularly known as “Davido”, Omo Baba Olowo. Check out Davido net worth.

Dr Deji Adeleke is a younger brother to the former Governor of Osun State, Isiaka Adeleke.

Dr Deji Adeleke also has a rich background in the citadel of learning as Pro Chancellor. He was the pioneering partner, and co-founder, of the Adeleke University in the serene town of Ede, Osun state. He is also the Chief Executive Officer CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited. Pacific Holdings Limited is involved in financing and investing in a number of notable sectors in Nigeria’s economy.

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Those who have met Dr Deji before acknowledge that he is a strict disciplinarian, philanthropist and a devout Christian. His discipline “put pressure” on Davido to remain in school and work hard to earn his BSc degree, even after fame kept pressurizing the young music superstar to drop out of school.

Not long ago, he built a multi-million naira edifice for his church, the Seventh Day Aventist. He also donated a magnificent hall to Babcock University, the university where Davido graduated.


Davido’s Father Private Jet

Davido’s father is so stupendously rich that he could afford a private jet. Davido has been seen on multiple occasion in his father’s father private jet. Thanks to the ease of access. Take a look at Davido’s Father Private Jet.

Davido’s Father Private Jet

Davido’s Father House

Take a look at Davido’s Father House. Thanks to the huge Net Worth.





Role in the Sophie Momodu vs Davido Saga

Dr Deji has been a gentleman who never wanted much of media attention until the saga involving his son, Davido and his baby mama. Sophie Momodu, Davido’s baby mama and cousin to the popular Dele Momodu of Ovation, accused Davido’s father of denying her access to see their daughter in the Davido vs Sophie public quarrel. The duo had parted ways and Davido seemed to have moved on. However, their daughter Imade was kept in the custody of Davido’s father who did not want to expose the little baby to the trauma of living with two inexperienced parents who enjoyed washing their dirty linen in public.

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Sophie Momodu was put on monthly upkeep allowance for the upkeep of her baby until when Davido’s father requested the custody of the little girl. Sophie later claimed on social media that Davido’s father wanted to “buy Imade off her” and had prevented her from seeing her baby. Dr ADedeji denied such claims.

Davido’s Father Net Worth

No doubt, Dr Deji Adeleke is one of the few billionaires whose wealth is not traced to holding any public office. Of course, he is one of the most successful business men in Nigeria. However, wealth seems to run in his family. His father, Chief Adebayo Adeleke, was the notable brain behind the creation of the popular mega Island in Lagos, Banana Island.

Chief Adebayo Adeleke dreamt and consequently worked hard towards making Nigeria proud. His motif was to make Nigeria proud in the committee of Nations. Today, Banana Island has become a source of attraction for both local and international investors. This has really made Nigeria proud internationally and helped generate millions of dollars into the economy.

Davido’s Father net worth is roughly pegged at $700 million (over 280 billion Naira, if we use an approximate dollar to Naira conversion rate of 400 Naira equals 1 dollar) currently.

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