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DSTV is one of the topmost Satellite Cable TV service providers in Nigeria, and Africa at large. The Service is offered by Multichoice which services customers throughout Africa. They offer one of the cheapest TV subscription packages and highly innovative services in the country. These include mobile TV service, HD PVR decoders and HD channels. Sport lovers also get to enjoy extra benefits in a dedicated package called DSTV Compact Plus. This review X-rays all the mobile packages, subscription, payment channels you need to know to get on the DSTV Nigeria network.

With DSTV online Subscription services, you will be able to manage your monthly bouquet subscription effectively, from the comfort of your home. All you need do is log on to their service online, and you are good to go. Ok, now let us review some of the top bouquet options, packages and prices. Shall we? Ok now, here we go…


DSTV Products , Packages and Bouquets

There are currently six DSTV packages and bouquets. Here are the number of channels and prices of packages available:

  • • DSTV Compact
  • • DSTV Family
  • • DSTV Compact Plus
  • • DSTV Mobile Devices
  • • DSTV Mobile (able to work on most mobile devices)
  • • DSTV Access
  • • DSTV Premium

DSTV Access 

So far is the most affordable subscription package even though it offers the smallest number of channels. The number channels with each package increases in from DSTV Family to DSTV Compact Plus bouquet. You will have the largest number of channel options in the DSTV Premium package, the most expensive and it goes for about 11,000 Naira monthly.

Non-English audience too can enjoy special bouquets such as Indian Bouquets, French Bouquets and German Bouquets.

How much do DSTV Packages and Bouquets Cost?

The starting access cost of DSTV varies between N20, 000 to N45, 000 (approximately). The starting cost covers installation charges, satellite dish, DSTV decoder and cables. You will also enjoy 3 months subscription access. See how to Pay DStv Subscription online

DSTV Access costs N1, 500 monthly:
DSTV access is the entry-level package on the DSTV network and it often does not give you HD channels. It is sold for around N24, 900. There are also Audio services on this package.

With the DSTV Access bouquet, you get to enjoy over 45 TV channels both local and international. This includes channels like Al jezeera, SuperSport BLITZ, E Entertainment, Magic World, Mindset Learn, Africa Magic, SilverBird, AIT, Channels and many more. However, DSTV Access bouquet does not include BBC, CNN and MNET channels as at the last check.


DSTV Family N3, 000 per month:

DSTV Family is the most widely known package so far, offering reasonable choice channels at an affordable price. It basically gives you access to all DSTV Access channels and much more. Additional channels in the DSTV Family package include Cartoon Network, CNN, Channel O, ESPN Classic, Euro News, Mnet Series, Africa Magic and lots more. Over 55 channels are in this package.


All the 24 available DSTV Audio services are included in this package. Examples of these include Voice of America (VOA), BBC (3 channels), Ray power FM, RAI radio, music channels, Star FM and lots more. Installation of the DSTV Family package cost N24, 900. For this price, you will get a dish, standard decoder, as well as 3 months free subscription.

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Just like DSTV Access, DSTV Family does not include HD channels.

DSTV Compact 5,000 Naira Monthly

DSTV Compact comprises all Family channels and much more. Besides, added channels in this package include Africa Magic Plus, SuperSport 10, MNET Action, Sony Entertainment, ESPN Sports, BBC World, RAI international, and a host of other channels.

DSTV Compact has 60 channels in all and 24 audio services. It is a good choice if you need a wider selection of channels. However, HD channels are also missing.


DSTV Compact Plus Costs N7, 500 per month

On this bouquet, you get all the channels in the DSTV Compact package with 2 additional Sports channels—SuperSports 7 and 10. Sport lovers can now have wider access to premium sports without the need to drain their bank account or pay more as in a DSTV Premium package.

You will be able to watch close to 90% EPL matches and other live sport actions such as Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, golf, athletics, French League, motorsport, boxing and so on.

In fact, you are simply better off with DSTV Compact Plus if your sole reason to pay for Premium bouquet subscription is to watch sports. However, 100% of EPL match actions are available for the Premium bouquet. Unfortunately, HD channels are also not available.

DSTV Premium at N11, 000 Monthly

The DSTV Premium package is a high end bouquet which offers you all the available audio, SD/HD channels. The DSTV Premium package gives access to over 85 interesting TV channels as at the last time we checked.

If receiving HD channels is of utmost concern to you, then you should take advantage of their exclusive availability on DSTV Premium. You will also get full access to Premier league’s 24-hour complete HD content service and 100% English Premier League matches. All you need is to have a DSTV HD PVR decoder.
Your subscription to the Premium bouquet comes with DSTV Mobile+ free of charge, of course, provided you have a DSTV Drifta decoder.

DSTV Nigeria Customer Care Services.

1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street; Victoria Island, Lagos State
1 270 3232 or 080 3900 3788
Fax 01 270 3256

or you visit THE Multichoice Nigeria Office:

Legion House
3 Kaura Namoda Street
Area 3 Garki, Abuja
Tel: 2347291/2 Fax: 2347295

Finally, don’t forget that DSTV Nigeria reserves the right to alter any of their packages or prices anytime they deem fit. So, you will want to verify before making any payment. If you need more information about DSTV Nigeria Services, click the reply button below and post your


Readers’ COMMENTs:  If you have any questions, complaints about DSTV, feel free to fill the comment section below and hit the ‘send’ button. We will reply as soon as we can. These are some of the readers questions and answers we received and solved their issues.


tbals » Mon Sep 01, 2014 6:48 am

Tnk u so much 4d information passed………pls 2get a dstv dual view,ow much is d cost for getting its decoders n its supscription amount?

Hello tbals , Dstv Dual View Access fees and that of the monthly access fee subscription for HDPVR both remain at N1, 800. However, Dstv decoders should be around N27,000 now. Although it was sold for as low as N15,500 in April during their DStv promo offers. I hope this helps!

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How do I subscribe for the maxi bouquet on dstv mobile?


Hello Chioma, you should call MTN customer care for maxi bouquet dstv mobile subscription. Since they offer the service in connection with DSTV, they will be able to guide you.



obelenze » Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:37 pm

Pls I wan to buy dstv from onitsha anambra , how much can I get it and is it posible to buy it without card cus I base in lagos but the person that I wan him to get d dstv for me said is 32, 000 and card will not be among it is anything like on dstv

Reply from Admin:

DSTV sells between N20, 000 to N45, 000 (approximately). It was as low as 15, 000 at the last promo offers. Cost covers installation charges, satellite dish, DSTV decoder and cables. You will also enjoy 3 months subscription access. But I suggest you call them now to find out the current price. You can call DSTV cUSTOMER CARE ON 080 3900 3788 TO CONFIRM. Hope it helps?


segunghazal wrote: Good day.

I am so furious at all of you. Bunch of rogues just robbing Nigerian by trick. I keep on paying higher subscription each month to get extra view but you kept me on the access bouquet & when I call you just keep on wasting my credit.

God will make all of you @ dstv suffer for this. My decoder is 4288769181 & I paid for compact plus but you kept me on family. I wont call you fraudulent call centre again.

Reply from Admin:

Sorry Mr Segun, I feel sorry about your plight. I think a way put would be to directly visit DSTV office if you are based in Lagos. I am sure they will listen to your complaint.

Pls note that this forum, Reviewcious is not associated with DSTV in any way. We are just a forum where Nigerians can say their opinions online about issues bothering them.

Pls let us know if anything positive comes out of the issue you are having. Doing so will alert others and keep Nigerians aware about bad customer services.


Emirate » Tue May 12, 2015 11:46 am

Good morning,i want to buy dstv premium,how much is the decoder and monthly subscription.
And does it come wt free subscriptions?

Hello Emirate,
Dstv Premium bouquet has got all the channels in the Access, Family, Compact and Compact Plus bouquets. In total, you enjoy over 100 channels. It gives you will get the widest choice on-screen entertainment in Africa.

Monthly subscription costs N13,980 month for the DStv Premium bouquet. I am not aware of any free subscription on the dstv decoder.

DSTV HD Decoder currently costs around N13,500. On the other hand, DSTV Explora decoder sells for N65,000.

With the new dstv Explorer decoder, you get additional features such as instant replay, ultra slo-mo & rewind, as well as up to
220 hours of recording space, and the unique ability to pause live TV for up to 2 hours.

I hope that answers your questions


presh wrote:pls the dstv family do i get all the africa magic including zee world when i pay 3000

Reply from Admin:

Hello Presh, yes on DSTV family you will get Zee world and these Africa Magic channels:152 – Africa Magic Epic Movies, 154 – Africa Magic Family and 155 – Africa Magic World. A whole lot of other entertainment channels are also included in the package.

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nkay wrote:n what bouquets will I get channel 159 and am so surprised that all other Africa magic channels are there on family bouquet except for 151 and 153. They r been unfair to the Igbos.

Reply from Admin: Actually, The AfricaMagic Igbo, Channel 159, is a new channel to be launched today as from 6pm
(April 2, 2015 by 6 pm.) I suggest you tune in to this channel around 6:30pm today and check. Pls do get back to me if you are still unable to access it by 6:30pm. Hope it helps. Thanks!

mrs augusta enem wrote: Good morning. Pls my subscription is due today and i hv paid yesterday. I got payment alert and next due date from dstv only for me to see this morning that the channels have been blocked. Its so not right. My smart card number is 41118750979

Pls reset me ASAP

Smart card number 41118750979

Reply from Admin:
Hello Mrs Augusta, Sorry for the issue.
I have referred the dstv customer care to your complaints. However, they seem to be on holiday because of today’s governorship elections going on in the country currently.

In the mean time, Kindly send your smart card number with the Code “RA” to the DSTV self-card number . The self- care number for Nigeria is ‘ 30330 ’. Let me know if you need further assistance. –

mrs augusta enem

Ok. I hv been reset. Though i paid in additional 600 pls let me know my acount status as regards balance. 41118750979. Thanks


King Ruby wrote:Do I get supersport 3, supersport 5, and supersport 7 in the compact plus?
Reply from Admin:Sorry, it is Supersport channels 7, 3 and 10 that belong to the DSTV Compact Plus bouquet. Supersport channel 9 is found in DStv Family bouquet, while Supersport 5 bouquet is found on DStv Premium

King Ruby wrote:

Thanks for the info…. How much exactly is the price now for compact plus now that they’ve increased the prices.?
Reply from Admin:They have increased it a bit. Based on the current charges, DStv compact Plus subscription now costs N9,420 per month.

Zinokreationz wrote: Good morning! I paid for the family bouquet around 5:33pm yesterday but uptil this moment the channels on that package are not showing.

Reply from Admin: Good morning! Pls send your smart
card number with the Code “RA” to the DSTV self- care number for Nigeria: 30330. Let me know if you need further assistance.

Lekan: It’s almost 3years I recharge my dstv last, bcos I’m not around. Hope it will work again if I recharge now. Thanks

Reply from Admin: Well, 3 years is such a long time and your DStv smart card may have been blocked. Before you pay, I suggest you contact the dstv customer service on 080 3900 3788 for further assistance

victoribinabo wrote: I hav a gotv nd I will love to upgrade it to a dstv is it posible cos where I am there is no ntwk for gotv

Reply from Admin: Hello Victor,
I think there should be a way around this. You should be able to upgrade your gotv to a suitable DSTV package of your choice. It’s just that they may ask you to pay extra money. You should try calling Multichoice on this number, 080 3900 3788 to confirm or better visit the nearest DSTV/Multichoice office in Portharcourt..

Pls come back and post their response you get on this forum thread so others in your shoes could benefit. Thanks! –


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  1. Pls I travel out of state, I just came back last and noticed I can’t make use of my old decorde when investigating I heard that u Pple swap old ones and issued out new ones so Wat am I going to do rite now bcoz am desperate to make use of now.

    • Hello Jecinta, you will need to report to the nearest dstv office in your location. A dstv agent will be on ground to help you… Pls go along with your decoder and smart card.

    • Pls I have not been receiving Channels new and some other stations like silver bird. I see msg like “Do not switch off your decoder, the decoder will attempt to reestablish connection. Should the problem persist, contact our call center.” pls I need help as this has been the case since 3 weeks now.

    • I paid my subscription online but not activated. Also tried sending to 30330 to no avail.My card number is 41118641913.

    • I ve been subscribing dual view, can I still use d same recorder n pay for compact plus dis month, bcos things r too hard.

    • Please how do one explain one’s decoder going off or showing your account has been suspended or the channel you are viewing in not available in your Country only for the channel to show after some time again. This is really weird and driving me nuts. Can something be done about it Please cos as far as am concern, my subscription will expire on the 12th of December

      • Hi Mary,
        Am sorry about the error you are experiencing. This is a temporary failure in receiving transmission. Tune to another channel and then go back. If the problem persists, reboot your decoder. 

        Let me know if you need more help.

    • Hey good morning to you dstv and I can say you guys are fucking crazy and you are fraudster I make payment online since 9/12/16 and still not activate yet till now 18/12/16 with card number: 42508669399 and I complain to some dstv office and not yet comes out of guys fucking stupid for stressing me ..its better you find a solution to this before another thing come up with your company ..I pay for your service but not getting the service..

      • I use to subscribe 1800 access bouquet on my dstv 42542365491 (3 month subscription which is 5400) but any time I pay for the 3 month subscription you automatically change my bouquet without my knowledge, that has happened again this evening. I would like you to please change back my bouquet to Access so that I can enjoy my 1800 subscription for three month. Thank you

    • Pls I have since on the 2nd and is only chanel 100 that’s is showing. My smart card number is 4254265856, pls reset it from me

    • Hello I paid 4 my dstv family today(3600) and found out that BBN is not showing why,card no 4250685844,Pls am really missing out of d fun in d house.

    • Good after I need Dstv mobile on my phone. I used infinix hot note 2. Will I also be able to watch Zee world. Please update me with all the information I need to get it done as soon as possible. Thanks Rita obot

    • Goodevening,
      I subscribed on the 14th of April 2017 but right now all my channels have been cleared,what could be responsible for this?Whatever it is,kindly fix it and have me reconnected.This is my smartcard number-4133588774

    • Please I would like to see an update on your bouquet and the price of each. If possible give a run down of the contents of each bouquet.
      Another is that I want to know if you charge (if so, how much) for decoder swapping and where can it be done.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. I mean came back last month being Sept and found out dis mess,
    so Wat will I do to start watching dstv more especially dis few months

    • Hello Jecinta, you will need to report to the nearest dstv office in your location. A dstv agent will be on ground to help you… Pls go along with your decoder and smart card.

    • Pls I will like you to help check my last two recharges. Esp the last in which I recharged with N6,000. I Recharged through an agent & with what I’m having, I’m not sure I was credited correctly. My customer number has given to me by the agent is 10313636861. Needless to say, I purchased my DSTV from same agent. Thanks foe your anticipated & prompt response.

  3. pleas i want to own my own viewing centre, tel me abt how much is the decoder, subscriptn and can i use 1 decoder to show 3 matches at a time?

  4. My subscription expired today and I renewed it this morning. I opt for the family bouquets and yet to be processed. Kindly look into this.

  5. On the 25/10/2015 l wanted to load my gotv with my ATM and l press #1800 I don’t know what happen I received alert on my phone #13.980 was removed from my account I the second day which is Monday I went to dstv office at surulere there I was told to write a letter I should also come with a valid ID card I did up till now my money is yet to be paid back into my account my IUC number is 2009423992

    • Alaba, sorry about the overcharge on your account. Such overcharges should automatically be reverted. But, it’s a good thing you lodged a complaint at the appropriate channel. But you should follow up if you don’t get the refund next week. In that case, I suggest you visit the DSTV office in Ikeja located at 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street; Victoria Island, Lagos State. Alternatively, call the dstv office on 080 3900 3788. Be sure to report back if you still have any issues. Cheers

  6. I loaded my DSTV account via a Diamond Bank transfer yesterday 01/11/2015 and my system is yet to be working. My card number is 1004691700.
    Kindly assist to look into it.

    • Hello Olanrewaju, sorry about the issue. I suppose the issue should have been resolved by now. But if your subscription has not been activated… Pls send your smart card number with the Code “RA” to the DSTV self-card number . The self-care number for Nigeria is ‘ 30330 ’. Your subscription will be activated.

      Let me know if you need further assistance.

  7. Please I want to know if it is possible for me pay for dstv french bonquet @ 6,050 in Nigeria because all I need is just to be able to watch live football matches on canal sport 1 and 2; irrespective of whether the language airing it will be french or not.
    Please shed more light on this?

    • Dr Sam, Of course, DSTV offers French bouquet programs to interested Nigerian audience. Just visit the nearest dstv office near you to learn more.

  8. Its a pity that we are living in a country where no one listen to the down troddens, why for God sake you always downgrade my subscription nearly every teusdays & wednesdays so i wont be able to watch any football, your service is sucks, & even your staff knows next to nothing about customers relations. Upon that you are owing me up to two thousand naira your staff in Ibadan where i used to pay my subscription always refused me to deduct what you are owing me from my subscription. Are you in Nigeria to milk us dry without giving any tangible service to the subscribers?

  9. a message that I have to take the decoder to the nearest office,that the smart card should be wiped and re inserted making the chip face down after doing that it’s still showing the same message,what can I do?

    • Hi Femi, sorry about the issue… I suggest you take the decoder to the nearest dstv office. An engineer might need to look at it.

  10. Please is there any discount for me if I pay for 6 months subscription in advance? if any can someone tell me the discount percentage.

    • Hello Lizzy…. Dstv walka costs about N18,000. Monthly subscription on dstv walka is about N600. In addition, you may get up to 3 months free subscription on Walka 7 promo if still available.

      We suggest you call Multichoice Nigeria
      office in Lagos 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street; Victoria
      Island, Lagos State. Or call 080 3900 3788 at 01-4484047 for more information.

  11. Pls if I buy dstv Decoder HD and optioned in for Compact Plus, can I be able to inter switch between Compact plus and Premium whenever I can?

  12. I loaded my decoder (with smartcard no: 1017248223) just recently but I noticed a week after reload that only “Jim Jam” (Channel 310) is painfully the ONLY station working?


    • Hello Mr Segun, am sorry for the issue you are experiencing with viewing other channels on your DStv bouquet… I guess the issue should have been resolved by now

  13. I saw your advert today about the super sports 3 on compact plus bouquet, please how much is the subscription for compact plus bouquets.

  14. I just received a message from your company that my subscription expire on the 05/12/2015,please re-check your record I make payment on 13 /11 /2015 so my subscription suppose to expire on 14 /12 /2015 please make necessary adjustment. Thanks. Babalola.

  15. please is there a december promotion coming up for DSTV? I want to use them as xmas gifts, but the cost will be crazy if its not on a promo like last year

    • Hello,
      Dstv customer service called me on Friday to inform me that my card was qualified for an half price promo. I promised to pay on Monday yesterday but I am told it can only be activated by sending a code to 30333 which Dstv failed to send. Can anyone help? I paid yesterday.

  16. DSTV, I received a text from your network that my subscription will expire on 12th Nov, I transferred N13,980 through my DBN acct on 16th to pay as I was in the US. Service was not restored and as my kids were worried, I made another payment of N13,980 today and still service has not been restored. I have been calling your 012703232 line since morning but it keeps saying system is off. My no is 10254566190. I have always paid my subscription online through DBN. Please also note that while I was away, the box had some issues and DSTV forced them to buy a new one.

    • Hello Mr Anthony, sorry for the issue you are experiencing. To activate your DStv subscription, pls send “RA” (without the quote) and your smart card number to 30330. 30330 is the DSTV self-care customer number for Nigeria. It’s advisable you ask a family member here in Nigeria to help you send the message.

      Let us know if your issue is resolved. Thanks

  17. Pls DSTV, is it possible for one to buy only DSTV decoder without the dish? The decoder was stolen. If possible how much is only the decoder or all

    • Hello Maureen, unfortunately, Dstv sells both dish and decoder as a single package. You may consult the dstv office in your area if there’s any special consideration for your case.

  18. collective account payment is not available in my first mobile application. I want to subscribe now what will I do. pls with immediate effect.

  19. I subscribed since yesterday. the decoder is not showing any channel. I only see E100-4. I have sent reset more than 50 times. no changes

  20. hello customer care, pls we have two decoders and we want to link the two together, in other to have a dual view, what are we going we do, and how much will the cost implication be, together with having covert to DSTV Compact

    • Hi Olusegun,
      It means that, when the sum of N2,160 fee is paid in a PVR Xtraview set up, only the Xtraview is charged while the PVR is free.

  21. I paid for the renewal of my subscription via quickteller on 09/12/2015. My decoder Id is 4254177513. Despite sending reauthorization request, I am still unable to access your service despite acknowledgment of payment. Please do the needful as it is not fair to refuse service.

  22. Good day, I wonder why DSTV subscribers on access banquet can not view SS9 but Gotv subscribers view SS9. This is indeed unfair and discouraging.

  23. What happened to catch up please, for the past few month now it’d being empty with no update at all, this is so bad of you guys when you know you can’t keep up with it , why start in the first place ? Do the needful please as you know how much it takes to get an explorer.

  24. HI,
    I have tried to use the parental lock on my decoder,but i was told to contact customer care as i imputed the wrong number.

    what do i do next?

    or can you help in resetting my decoder so i can use the parental lock.


    • Hi, Adonkie!
      To reset your parental control, Just press dstv on your remote it will be reset and then your pin will be1234. Let’s know if it works. Cheers

  25. I need assistance here. Paid for subscription for the Dstv compact via mobile electronic transfer on the 14, Dec. 2015. Have not received a confirmatory sms and have not been activated. Pls help. my smart card no. is 42540898220

  26. I bought a new GOTV decoder, but I found out two days later after buying it and now opened it that there was no smartcard inside the decoder. Unfortunately today is Sunday and still plan to go back to the agent. But what could have happened?

  27. Greetings. I have been on Family Bouquet for more than one year. I renewed my subscription on Dec. 19 and paid additonl N2,160 for EXTRA VIEW. Up to this hour, I am yet to notice any change in the number of channels I have access to.Please what can you do to make me enjoy the service paid for before it expires. I have lost 2 days already.
    My Smart Card number is 4254262653.

  28. Greetings. I have been on Family Bouquet for more than one year. I renewed my subscription on Dec. 19 and paid additonl N2,160 for EXTRA VIEW. Up to this hour, I am yet to notice any change in the number of channels I have access to.Please what can you do to make me enjoy the service paid for before it expires. I have lost 2 days already.
    My Smart Card number is 4254262653.

  29. I paid my subscription online on 17th December even before the expiration on the 18th, till now my line is still not on. I tried resetting still nothing works. Could you check my line and rectify. This is very unusual. Maybe I should stop online recharge going forward. My dstv card number is 42523526087 and my email is [email protected]

  30. Greetings I planned to reactivate my pvr on December since i would be travelling with it for Xmas but on November 20 dstv customer service called and told me that a promo was attatched was attatched to my account that if I paid on that Nov 20 that i would be given 1 month free which would expire on Jan 2016. I quickly rushed to pay on that day so as to catch in on the promo. Only for me to discover that on Dec 20th my subscription expired. Why are these people full of lies and deciet this is not the first time they are doing this

  31. Hello,

    Please i just bought my dstv last month (November) at trade fair. I paid the sum of #15,500 and the guy told me this cost covers the decoder, dish and subscription. I chose dstv compact

    However, i couldn’t make use of the dstv not until on Saturday 19th December, 2015. After installation and all that, i couldn’t get any access to any station.

    Please what could be the problem and what can i do to start viewing my selected channels.

    Please reply as soon as possible.


    • Hello Kenny, sorry for the issue you are experiencing. Are you sure the installation was ok? If so, Can you pls tell us what error messages you receive when trying to access your channels?

  32. Please, I have just confirmed I erronously paid in my subscription into another account 4252352608 instead of the accurate account of 4252352608 unsing online payment from First Monie. Please check and confirm and move the said N3600 to my account for next month

  33. Please, II renewed my subscription since on the 19th,and haven’t been able to view my pictures.I called customers service only to b told I paid into my old account 41291554578 instead of 1013509875.. Please can I get the payment transfered into my new account?

  34. Your subscription expires tomorrow. Renew SC 4271932414 with N1,800(N2,160 applies for Explora, Xtraview & PVR access). Please ignore if you have paid……
    Whats pvr? And what are the xtra channels I can have access too? Do I need to pay additional 2160 to my 1800. Ur swift response will b appreciated

    • Hello TeeAde, PVR is another package on Dstv that allows you have access to even more exciting features, programs and channels. Pls read the body of the post above to see some of the extra channels on those dstv options.

      Except you prefer to have a bigger viewing experience and access, it is advisable you stick with your current, regular access to dstv and pay the regular subscription charges. Hope this helps. Cheers!

  35. Hello, I just subscribed online via quickteller. Payment was successful but I think I subscribed for a wrong bouquet that’s not accessible in Nigeria-Dstv access + extra view(N3,960). I have been calling the customer care line but no response. Please treat as urgent, thanks!

  36. I paid for Compact plus today 24/12/15. i tried the self service clear error both on phone and on your website all to no avail. what is happening. I hope you will start counting the day i am reconnected.

    Smart card 4130612177

  37. Hello, pls I paid 1800 subscription since monday. I normally pay d one of 5000. Up till now my dstv has not come up.I have SMS reset n pin. Not still showing. Someone said I have to call ur office in Lagos to downgrade. D customer care number is not connecting. Did is my smart card num 4258523963. Noah ogriki.

  38. Good afternoon sir, i have subscription since 2 days now and up till now the channels are still not showing here please help me to check this is the number 4122284668

  39. I subscribed to the family bouquet on Nov 27 and someone from your customer care called me to say that as part of DSTVs “black Friday” promo that I’ll get another month free.Surprisingly the signal went off yesterday December 27 th .Please confirm this claim and rectify it.My decoder number is 1017318000 and reply through my email address [email protected]

  40. Good afternoon,
    My name is TOM ILIYA with SMARTCARD NO. 1020970194, I made payment on ma DSTV HD yesterday and till now all SPORTHD Stations are not back and also the Bollywood Stations Like SET MAX, B4U Movies, ZeeTV etc… please what can I do.

  41. Gud morning I paid for dstv access since 26/12/2015 till now is not showing I called customer care but my calls not pick account details 4108600819

  42. Hello GoTv..I do make a payment of Bouquet everymonth but some channels didn’t show like Sprt Blitz,Sport 2 and 9,hipTv,Bolly station,B4U, ZeeTv,ZeeTV,Sony Max,Zwrld..etc..I think i need to upgrade my Decorder from Standard to Bouquet…What can i do…? 2019111974

  43. I subscribe for Dstv compact plus on the 4th of January but I haven’t received any station. I have reset but my subscription has not been effected.

  44. Dear DsTv, I am your Pastor Nathaniel Akinyemi from Ogbomoso. I recharged my DsTv card on December 1, 2015 at ACCESS bank ATM machine with my GT Bank ATM card for FAMILY bouquet @ 3600. GT Bank have debited my account immediately, I did not get any code from you, and my DsTv card 4259 5871 544 was not recharged. I have complained about it at GT bank since December 2, and 4. In order to take care of my family fun for Christmas holiday, I went to your office in Ogbomoso to make another payment for December. I have the receipt of this transaction carried out by Godwin Balogun, and I enjoy it. I am writing to have the recharge I made on December 1, 2015 to be delivered to my card no. 4259 5871 544 for the month of January. Because of this, I have requested for my account statement to pursue this, and I am going to scan it and mail it to you with my DsTv card scan too. The POS TRANSACTION REFERENCE IS-001983- KIOSK VAS SERVICES OGBOMOSO OYNG.
    My phone number is 08032322596. Also, I discovered that your bouquet are failing to connect, and hang often. You are aware that there is no 24/7 power services in Nigeria, so design your system to comply with what is available. I earnestly await your response to this service delivery failure.

    Pastor Nathaniel Akinyemi

  45. hello Dstv,

    is DSTV promo / spin wheel a FRAUD?

    i got a call from your dstv as usual that my subscription is expiring on the 11th Jan 2016 and was advise to recharge and to log on to to spin the wheel. i did just that only to be denied. that ”this number is invalid or ineligible to play ” the same number i paid a 12months family bouquet on.

    is this fraud ?

    • Hello Tinu,
      The spin is still on-going till February 6, 2016 and you seem qualified, having subscribed for the Family bouquet. Pls confirm that your new recharge has been activated by dstv. If so, we suggest you try the spin again.

  46. Hello, my name is Bayo.

    What dstv packages do I need to subscribe for in order to enjoy all Indian channels apart from family bouquet.
    Or do I have to pay an extra amount in order to add them ie Indian channels to my current plan.

  47. Hello,

    PLease I want to subscribe to my dstv Walka 7, and these are the challenges I’m facing :

    1. I dont know how to subscribe

    2. Its been a while that i subscribed last on it, so, i dont remember the name and the number again because i got it from a friend who has left the country, he sold it to me when he was leaving.

    3. I stopped using it when i saw that the super sport 3 and 5 were not working.

    Please i need you to help me with informations that could help me solve these issues.

    Kind Regards,


    • Hello juliet,
      The spin is still on-going till February 6, 2016 and it’s available to subscribers of the Family bouquet. Pls confirm that you made a new subscription recently & has been activated by dstv. If so, we suggest you try the spin again.

  48. Please i paid for a year service on access bouque on 13th March, 2015 at your outlet at Bode Thomas in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. But this morning i can’t watch my favourate channel.
    Smart card number are 1005261975.

  49. Pls your agent in oju ore , sango, has been a problem to us. Most if the times, we encounter payment for subscription and not being able to activate for a week or two weeks at times .
    Even upon using reset to code 30333, it does not work too. Its really frustrating, pls help.

  50. Please I urgently need a DSTV walka 7, have tried getting one for myself all to no avail. Don’t know if u can be of help. Thanks

  51. Hi Dstv,
    I subscribe to my Dstv on the 22nd through on line and it till now my Dstv has not been activated. I av sent RE smart card number to u but till now no response. Kindly help pls

  52. Dear sir, good evening and happy new year. i learnt that you are currently doing a promo for your DSTV HD decoder. please i do want to inquire when your promo on DSTV EXPLORA will be in this 2016. thank you.

  53. Please, tell me if and how I can swap the old decoder for a new one. There’s also an error message that suggests that something’s wrong with the lnb. Cable, which I very much doubt. Please, help!

  54. Good evening, I am making this complain because it has bin repeated severally and I think its bad for biz. The attendants in your Kaduna office (barnawa complex) lack basic customer service skill You go there and don’t meet any queue,d attendant is busy on d computer,for the next 10mins u r standing n she’s not apologizing for keeping u or telling u to pls wait a while, I’m busy but will attend to you soon. It’s now a habit for them,pls do something about their service or u employ people who are really ready to work.

  55. Hi, pls i have paid for my service renewal yesterday being 1/2/2015 and my credit will lapse today. Kindly check and process so that i wont be disrupted. Thnks.

    • Hello Funmilayo,
      – Error E05 means that the smartcard has been inserted incorrectly, or has collected dust. 

      SOLUTION: Remove the smartcard, ensure that it is free of dust and re-insert it with the chip facing downwards and the arrow facing the decoder. Reboot the decoder. The issue should be solved if you do that. Cheers

  56. please I made a payment of 3600 from my hand set in my bank flat form since last 2 weeks but up to now no channel is showing. my card number is 4122258400.

  57. My dstv is not display more chanel again its only displaying 7 channel other did not show not even talk of seeing their name and my subscirption has not expire.

  58. Hi am Mrs Agbaire from asaba , used to subscribe for dstv premium with extra view on my explorer but currently subscribed for the compact plus with extra view but I can’t access my catch up.

  59. Pls can I get a premium account to link my dstv mobile to? I don’t mind paying 2k every month as far as I get to watch all d sport channels, pls help me. My no is 08063712314

    • Hello Ayo,
      Download the DStv Now App from your App store. Select the content you’d like to watch (DStv Catch Up or Live TV)You will be asked to Login using your DStv Connect ID, if you don’t have a DStv Connect ID.

      Make sure that you link your Premium Smartcard to your DStv Connect Account in order to watch content, by going to for iOS users, Android users will be given the option to register and link smartcards on the App.

      Note: To view the TV Guide, select TV Guide from the main menu. You are not required to be DStv PVR Premium Customer to view the TV Guide.

  60. I subscribe Three Months #10800, #3600 Per Month On 12 /2 /16 With Smart Card No 4258435975 Shoberu Olusegun Up till Now am Unable To View Any Channels Apart From Disk When i call customer Care To My Greatest Surprise they told me that i got #10500 in My account Was that a joke or something?

  61. Good day,

    On the 27th of January, 2016, I subscribed for my DSTV from my Access Mobile. I later called DSTV customer service that night and was told that DSTV wasn’t credited and that the money will be reversed into my account.
    On the 30th of January, I had to pay Cash to an agent to subscribe, and after which I was able to connect.

    I later went to access bank for refund and was told the subscription was successful hence there can’t be a reversal on my first recharge.

    Kindly assist to confirm which transaction went through and kindly use the second subscription for another month after which this present one expires.

    Kindly find the details of the transaction below
    Transaction Reference: 099MJRL16027352C
    Smart Card Code: 10210342705
    Amount: #1900.

    Your swift response will be appreciated.


  62. i paid for the 3600 bouquet. in the late evenings when i want to watch it keeps telling me to sms RESET.
    i keep doing this every time i put on the DSTV.
    i paid on the 21st of January 2016 but i cant view any channels on my DSTV despite SMS RESET twice.

  63. Good afternoon sir, i want to how much will i add for the extraview subscription when I’m subscribing dstv premium and how will i subscribe it to extra view .Thank you

  64. Good morning, i recharged my DSTV subscription on the 24/02/16 but clicked on Access + Extra view instead of Family. i called to be upgraded from the N1,800 plan to the N3,600 though i paid i made payment of N4,060 via quickteller. my question is my balance of N360 will it be brought forward for my next payment? i will also like to know how i can get the plamflet that contains all your channels according to the different bouqets. i noticed that when i ungraded i can’t still watch some channels i use to watch on family bouqet like BET.

  65. Hello,

    Pls, I want to know if I buy the dstv zapper decoder that is bn sold for NGN12500 now with a month free compact subscription, will i be able to subscribe to any bouquet of my choice after the first month or does it mean its only the compact bouquet i can keep subscribing for?

  66. I just bought a dstv explora with one month compact subscription. All the channels suddenly disappeared today with error code E16. All efforts to clear it by sending RA
    + Smart card no. to 30333 proved abortive. kindly look into this.

  67. Hi, no other channel is showing except dish on TV. I have tried getting in touch with u guys to no avail. My subscription doesn’t expire until April 18th. What could the matter be?

  68. I paid for family bouquet since yesterday. I have called your so called service line without success. I ve also sent SMS to 30333 twice and I have been charged =N= 20 twice but the subscription has not been activated. Decoder number is 42886777319

  69. Good morning, am Odey A Odey, your costumer, my decoder is not responding very well again, I feel like changing it, I called to ur office at vi and I was told to pay 10.000, to get a new one now that you are doing a promo, advice me what to do,

  70. Pls urgently furnish me with d channels that are now currently available on ur compact and compact plus if all premier leaques,la liga are available. I saw ur recent advert.Pls treat as urgent.

  71. Thumb up for DSTV. I can now watch premium sport channels on my Compact bouquet. Pls keep it up and sustain the momentum.

  72. Please i need help concerning the dstv walka 7.i was told to be able to watch all channels you have to be connected to a dstv premium package.
    So i want to inquire how i can connect my walka to my uncles premium dstv decoder or account.

  73. Good day Admin. I paid in 1,800 to renew my Access subscription which is terminating tomorrow 6th and I was trying to check my account balance through SMS (due 4259553747) but I wasn’t getting any reply.
    Kindly assist because I don’t want to experience what I went through last month in which I paid and I could not be activated until after 6 days. I paid in through a mobile money (Pido) on 4th of march around 10:22 PM

  74. Hello Admin,
    I noticed something on your channels, it’s good you guys ar blocking some words that aren’t too good for the kids, but don’t understand why you guy ll also block the word “GOD” in some subtitled movie, you block it, and in some movie you block it when they say it.
    I ll please advice you guy to stop it, cos if u dnt, u ll just discover No one ll patronize u guys anymore. Thanks

  75. Channel Television on Dstv channel 254 is having problems with the voice and image clarity. Their programs scratches with the audio just like you have distorted signal when it rains.
    Kindly assist as am not enjoying Channel Television broadcast anymore


    Chief Mbachu Ifeanyi

  76. Please and please multichoice should add up channels like BET, One God, Mnet, universal channel, and one live match super sport channel to the Gotv channels and please remove those double appearance channels like silverbird, Lagos TV, etc so we can experience a better Gotv service thanks.

  77. Hello am on DSTV Premium I paid my subscription this last Thursday before it expires today , since early this morning all the channels are not showing except few like five channels. Pls kindly rectify it . God bless

  78. My smart card number is 1028309510 from King Tony Omere I just sent a message that all channels are not showing. Pls rectify immediately. Thanks

  79. Dear customer care,
    Is your recent promo available? The package that offers explorer decoder for 30k.

    I’m currently out of the country but will be back week. If the offer is still available, I’d drop by for one.


  80. Why are Nigeria stations(NTA and Silverbird) as well as SS9 removed from DStv drifter and walker bouquet and replaced with Ghana and Kenya TV stations?

  81. I got a promo text message on my phone on the 11th of March 2016 asking me to hurry and renew my account before 16th March and get 1 month subscription.
    I eventually renewed on the 14th of March and I still have 10 days to go. Hence, I want to use this medium to remind the Dstv team about the said promo, I will be glad if my account is renewed as soon as this one elaspses.
    Thank you.

  82. My Name is Japhet Omefe ,Card number 10283010832,Phone Number +23407038804710.
    A remainder text was sent to me on 01/04/2016 that same day i went office at Oyigbo Express and payment was made #3700 But to my atmost surprise we have been able watch.Please do the needful because i am not happy.

  83. My name is Rachael. I was told about the promo on dstv explora. But I got confused when I hear about compact or explora.pls Admin help me out. Thanks.

  84. Am Mainasara from Sokoto. My DSTV decoder has malfunctioned & i have stopped receiving signals. As such, how can i swap/replaced the decoder so that i can continue to enjoy my favourite channels pls?

  85. Good morning Multichoice.
    Please, I want to know the channels in Dstv compact and how to migrate from the family bouquet to the compact.

  86. I want to return my explora and get a refund, im not impressed, the recordings are bad and i still cant watch catchup on tv or online, please whats the process to returns and refund,thanks.

  87. My card number is 41221804242. My name is Chima Eze. Before my last subscription in March, I received a call from dstv lagos office I guess, that I will get a month view free. from 24th April to 23rd May 2016. Yet this 24th April, I was disconnected. May I know why this should be.

  88. I paid for subscription via online activation on 23/4/2016 and it has not been activated. Pls, may I know why and the way forward, the decoder no is 4258500343 adeleke toluwase blessing,

  89. My monthly subscription of N1800 for Go-tv actually expired before I paid yesterday around 7.30pm. – till now I’m yet to be activated. Kindly assist. My no. 2022106857

  90. evening admin pls my dstv has been scanning for over an hour now,just putting searching for signal even with replugging and on plswhat could be the problem.

  91. Please,what is the price for a dstv system and which bouquet is advisable to show all football matches. How does the extra view work. Can one decoder show two different channels on two TVs or you must have two decoders. Please,answer me ASAP

  92. please what is the name of the dstv package that was as a promo package in Abuja in the month of March 2016.I want to recharge my dstv and don’t know the plan am on.thank U.

  93. I paid my subscription of N1800 online yesterday, it was not activated uptil this afternoon. I paid another subscription might be there is a problem from the bank. Yet there was no activation. My smart card no. is 41221969938. Can you do something for the two payments made.

  94. I’m using DSTV premium with dual decoder how much is the monthly subscription for this premium
    Kindly acknowledge my request because am being cheated by some of your agent’s.

    Yours Regards

  95. Pls,my smart card no is 41354032389 on compact plus I paid 20000 naira on May 7 2016 expecting my due date to be July 7 2016 but to my surprise I was dis connected on June 7. I paid another 9000 naira but yet to be connected. What can I do.?

    • Hi Olusola,
      Sorry about the issue . Pls visit the nearest dstv office in your area to have the delay in connection resolved. You could also receive extension in subscription for your payment or receive refund.

  96. PLEASE WHAT’S THE COST OF LNB. I need to buy one ASAP because my decoder is showing NO SIGNAL and after checking, it was discovered that the lnb is bad.
    kindly advise of the cost ASAP.

  97. Goodmorning admin, please my supcription expires on the 14th of june but now ive been cut off this morning 12th of june. on the screen is an E16-4. please adress

  98. Hi… Pls, I mistakenly paid for the same bundle (DSTV access) twice with my firstmobile app. The money was debited twice and the channels r still off. Pls wat happens to the second payment I made? Does it go for two months straight or will I be refunded? Card number is 41223179312

  99. Kindly reset my decoder. My smart card no 42541976421. I paid thro FCMB. Does Access package still exist. if yes, reset me for 2 months. if not give me the nearest package. I paid N3600

  100. Please what is the meaning of E18-4 services currently scrambled. It normally show and stationed any particular channel we are view and will later come up after some time.

    • Hello Caleb,
      E18 error on a DSTV decoder means “unknown smartcard”. 

      This could happen due to a couple of reasons:
      1) incorrect smart card was inserted or the smartcard was inserted incorrectly
      2) dust/dirt accumulation around the smartcard
      3) technical problem with DSTV

      The first two reasons are easy to fix. What you should do is remove the smartcard, clean it, make sure that it is dust free, and re-insert it with the chip facing downwards and the arrow facing the decoder, then reboot the decoder. 

      If you are still receiving the E18 error, then it’s a technical problem with DSTV. You should contact DSTV support so they can initiate a reset of your account. After DSTV conducts a reset, the E18 error should be cleared and your viewing should be restored. 

  101. please what happen 5 french channels that are off air without prior notification and what will happen to my subscription to these channels as there are part of the 15 paid for.

  102. Please I made an online subscription through first bank yesterday and till now, I cannot access any channels. I have also tried sending the sms to the number and also calling the customer care all to to avail. Kindly help out

  103. pls i need information on the price for the Dstv board, someone gave me the decoder without the board and i really need to start using it now.
    i will love it if the reply can be done through my mail box. thanks

  104. I just made an online transfer of N2,000 but uptill now is still not card no. is 10208882737 kindly look into it cos am missing my favourite programs already.

  105. pls am a movie producer based in portharcout, i have good series of movies i produced that i want sale the tv right to DSTV pls how do I do about it ….pls i need your help…. here is my contact +2347063990287

  106. I subscribed the dstv package for 1800 did it on line buh it’s not yet coming up on screen,av tried putting it off wipe the smart card a bit as instructed buh nothing yet.pls I need ur assistance in this tnx.

  107. I have DSTV Explorer Decoder. Is it possible to buy additional small DSTV decoder to put in my wife’s room on one account?

    (2) it is advisable to Subscribe for the whole year (12 months)? if it is, is there any benefit?

  108. hello
    Having issues with my extra view for 6 days now. ” waiting for communication from primary decoder ” is all I’ve been getting. Kindly assist if possible. My decoder no: 41335583682. Thanks.

  109. Hello, I bought the DSTV Compact Plus on the latest promo for 10,000. Then, I got a 1 month free Compact Plus subscription. Now its going to expire tomorrow. Can I pay for DSTV Access 1,800 afterwards or am i stuck to DSTV Compact

    • Hello Reuben,
      You will need to contact dstv office in Ghana to request for the option to use dstv nigeria bouquets/packages if available.

  110. Sir,
    My name is Magnus Tuboalabo with dual view no 10210760350, I am complaining because this had happened to me twice. Last month, I paid my subscribed five days before the expiry date but I was cut off for three days untill I could re-visit your stadium road, PH office. Now again I paid on 5/8/2016 with receipt no 168523 signed by one (Ifiome) at your stadium road office only to be cut off again.
    My question is should I pay only when my subscription has expired and then go to your office so it is updated to avoid being cut off since records are not updated or what should I do?

    Magnus Tuboalabo

    • Hello Christy,
      To check if you have the latest upgrade press the blue DStv button on the remote, scroll to Settings, select General and select Download Latest Software. If Download Latest Software is greyed out the software is up to date. 

  111. Good morning , i made payment on the 22 Aug 2016 by 5:22,and the till now is tell me scramble channel.
    My Payment Receipt Number is :- 43914792, Customer Number is:- 41281190, and Smartcard Details is :- 4106254134. Pls attend to it now. Thank you.

  112. I paid for my bill of N1,800 on 22/8/2016 for 1017181656 from my Zenith bank internet transfer, up till now I have not been activated as I only see DISH and NTA only since then.

    What do I do?

  113. Please I want to Start DSTV installation and subscrition centre…A Friend told me to bring 100k.. before i can be shown the way on how to go about it… please help me out..and advise me on what to do

  114. Good evening. I am using the PVR decoder and I subscribed for the premium bouquet and I can’t access the PVR benefits. How do I go about it .. Tolu

  115. Please i newly purchase an Explorer from one of your agent in Zaria, now i m finding it difficult to register with boxoffice online & on mobile. please what can i do so that me & my family can enjoy the best of the EXPLORER

  116. For some months now Channels get scrambled often. Last month I refused to subscribe. On 2nd of this September, 2016, I got a call from DSTV asking why I didn’t subscribe and I explained. He apologised with a promise that Services would improve. The next day I subscribed via quick teller, got a debit alert from my bank and sent a text RA followed by the first ten digits of my smart card to 30333 according to the instructions of the DSTV caller. Until now, I have not been reconnected. My smart card no is 4288 6663 972

  117. Hello, pls my decoder audio is not working. I took it to one of ur offices here in Gombe and they said is a software problem, what do I do?Smart card No 4271949396

  118. Hello Admins, i’m owolabi. I just subscribed to dstv family away from dstv access but I’m still having only the dstv access channels, please what is/are the possible issue(s) and solution(s).
    My smart card no. is 41129958272, thanks.

  119. Kindly reset my DSTV. It expired today and I have long recharged it through mobile banking and was debited for it and it is still not coming up. I have also sent RESET request to 30333 and have not gotten any response.
    Smart card no is 4250420773.

  120. Please i was working in Nigeria but have been transferred back to Ghana ,i have no relative back there ,how do i pay for my subscription,thanks.

  121. Please I am a ghanain working in Nigeria but I have been transferred back to Ghana,and I need to pay my dstv subscription,how possible will it be since I have no relative there,please help me out thanks.

  122. Hi I have recharged my subscription but still no channel is showing except 100 and NTI international how can I correct the error

  123. I paid my “Access” subscription through QuickTeller Internet Interface since 29 September, 2016 but my account is still not activated.
    Account Name: AFOLAYAN Michael Adeyinka
    Smart Card #: 10409646147
    Bouquet :Access
    Amount Paid: N1,800

  124. Pls my smart card#41354706487 is showing card turn upside down but the card is properly put in pls l need a response immediately thanks.

  125. Good day. I have a serious complain about one of your branches in portharcourt. The branch is Aba road outlet at Izzi house. A lady named Faith, one of your employees mistakenly paid my subscription money 3600 to another account since last week Wednesday. I went back to complain but she said all transfer should be on Monday which is 3 October. Up till now nothing has been done. My Dstv is not showing. Please rectify this issues because your employee is not doing anything about it. My DSTV NUMBER is 4133641673. Thanks.

  126. I subscribe yesterday for family,nd its not been I was told Dat I ave to call d customer care to change d plan I was before nd ave bin calling but no response. Wat shud I do

  127. I use to subscrib 1800 b/4, I now subscrib 3800. on 4th of Oct. yet am scramble that am due to pay on 10th Oct. Pls reset my Acc. 41353617255. I subscrib on line thru e bk wt my Access bk acc.

  128. I subscribed on 11/10/2016 for N1800.00 online and up till now I have not been given access.

    Card Details: 42504106230

    I have done RESET 42504106230 for over four times and that reauth process is in progress has been the response . Kindly assist in looking into the challenge please.

  129. Hello, my name is Haulat Yusuf. I subscribe a DSTV family yesterday, through my bank account account and I can’t still access the channels, trying calling the customer care service but is not available. What should I do. My card number is 4258440050. Thanks

  130. Hello, my name is Laminu Kuburi. I subscribed to DSTV family yesterday, through my bank account and I can’t still access the channels, trying calling the customer care service but is not available. What should I do. My card number is 41336479211. Thanks

  131. My dstv sub is active yet after scannig E30-4 is what keeps appearing on my screen. And i have send reset to 30333 severely yet it has not open pls Admin help me out. Here is my smart card number 4253490614

  132. Pls I subscribed my dstv through my phone I mean my bank account on Monday 1st of November and now it’s brought a mail which read that my subscription will expires on the 6th of November pls what is going on my smart card no is 41130051851. And how can I change the phone number that was register wt it Cox it was given to me by my friend then I mean the decoder d no is not existing I need to be using my number now

  133. Please I payed Dstv subscription tru mobile banking that’s tru my bank 15 November 2016 account UBA Bank ,I payed for compact that’s #6000 my dstv card number 10409786091please activate me.

  134. I just recharged my DSTV with 3600 on 19th November 2016 through First bank mobile banking but it is not showing smart card number is 4271915213

  135. My card number is # 4259553709 so I subscribed few months ago but back in d state now,so I subscribed through zenith apps…but it has refused to be working as expected pls help me out….its #1800

    • I mean its bn a while I subscribed on my decoder(4259553709….but I subscribed again today but up till now its not showing here ..pls help me out.thnks

  136. Sometimes in July 2016,I received a phone call from your office that if I could keep my subscription on for three months,you would give me an Explora date decoder upon payment of #10.000.00. I did, but uptil now your office has not fulfilled its part of the bargain. I have made several call to your office on phone no 012703232.The officers that picked the call confirmed that I qualified for the decoder but they keep on telling me that they will get in touch. I was even directed to yout Victoria island office in Lagos.I sent Mr Benjamin Akahi with a letter of authority to pay the sum of #10.000.and collect the product for me. Rather than get the product, I received a call on phone no 012772870 telling me that I have two smart cards. I was surprised by the submission of the caller because I know that there is no way my account can have two smart cards.The lady also told me she would get back. Uptil now, I have not been contact and and I am beginning to smell a rat. I need you to look into this and give me a definite . I reply. I do not like being put on hold for no just reason. My smart card no is 41305996062.Thank you

  137. Sometimes in July this year , I received a call from your office to the effect that if I could keep my subscription on for the next three months, I will be entitled to a Dstv Explora decoder on the payment of #10.000.00. I did keep my subscription as agreed but I did not hear anything from you. I later called your customer care no 012703232 twice and on the two occasions it was confirmed that my claim was correct. I was directed to go or send someone with a letter of authority to your office at Victoria Island Lagos to collect the decoder. I did this by sending Mr Benjamin Akahi with the # 10.000.00 and a letter of authority from me. To my surprise, when ‘Mr Akahi got to your office rather than collect the decoder, a lady called me , on no 012772870 confirmed my details with you but said there are two smart cards bearing my name. And that she would make enquiry and revert to me. That is more than a week now ,I am yet to hear from your officers that I spoke with. Uptil now I am yet to understand how my name will carry two smart cards nos when I did not buy two Dstv decoders. Please explain this to me and let me know what is happening . I do not want to believe that someone in your organization is playing pranks with me and I do not want to believe you have fraud stars in your system.My smart card no is 41305996062

  138. Sometimes in July this year , I received a call from your office to the effect that if I could keep my subscription on for the next three months, I will be entitled to a Dstv Explora decoder on the payment of #10.000.00. I did keep my subscription as agreed but I did not hear anything from you. I later called your customer care no 012703232 twice and on the two occasions it was confirmed that my claim was correct.
    I was directed to go or send someone with a letter of authority to your office at Victoria Island Lagos to collect the decoder. I did this by sending Mr Benjamin Akahi with the # 10.000.00 and a letter of authority from me. To my surprise, when ‘Mr Akahi got to your office rather than collect the decoder, a lady called me , on no 012772870 confirmed my details with you but said there are two smart cards bearing my name. And that she would make enquiry and revert to me. That is more than a week now ,I am yet to hear from your officers that I spoke with. Uptil now I am yet to understand how my name will carry two smart cards nos when I did not buy two Dstv decoders. Please explain this to me and let me know what is happening . I do not want to believe that someone in your organization is playing pranks with me and I do not want to believe you have fraud stars in your system.My smart card no is 41305996062

  139. My subscription expires on 14th Dec 2016 but my account suspended since 9th of Dec 2016 with E16 errror. I will like this issue to be fixed before I make any further payment. My smart card no is 10433824025

  140. I am still surprise that this suspension error E16 on my account has not been rectified uphill now. I think dstv is now a failure and a fraud. Why must you suspend my account that will be due on the 14th of Dec from the 9th of Dec? I may need to consider other service provider if dstv is messing up this way. Again my smartcard no is 10433824025

  141. Regratedly i was disconected on Friday 9th Dec while my service is expected to expire on 27th April 2017.My code is 4288641689.Please i need a reconnection immedietly. Thank you.

  142. I recharge on the 13th of December through mobile transaction a total of 2400 was deducted, I sent RESET 41118729569 to 30333 and I got a reply that my account can’t be cleared. pls what is happening?

  143. Hello. i usually subscribe for 1800 before but i subscribed for DSTV Family which is 3600 and it has not been changed. i sent RESET 41157190657 TO 30333 after paying online but nothing was done. pls adjust it. Thanks

  144. Hi ,I did my dstv subscription via diamond bank mobile app. It went successfully but I don’t know what next to do so o can start viewing. Kindly help as I can’t reach them on the customer care line and no response from their self service numbers.

  145. I paid for my DSTV service for 3 months consecutively (Compact)  on Friday 23rd of this month it worked on that day till this morning, since morning I have no access to any of the stations except NTA. A whole holiday like today I could not enjoy the service I paid for and made the whole day bore. Please active my DSTV before 8:00 tomorrow because I’m having guest tomorrow.


    Name: Mobolaji Joseph  

    SmartCard No: 1025-4815-961 

    Package: Compact

    3 months consecutively (December 2016 – February 2017)

  146. I got my DSTV in August 2013 but got transferred the following month. I have been using GOTV then until this week when I discovered that GOTV cannot receive signal in my new location duebto the hills around. So I decided to install my DSTV which I have not used since 2013. I subscribed but no access except the five free channel. When I called customer care,I was told my account no longer exist and I will have to buy (NOT SWAP)new decoder. Since its digital,must I buy another decoder when this one is not faulty?

  147. Good morning. please how do I know the product am using coz I wanna pay for subscription online right now and I want to pay 1,800 Naira. thanks

  148. Why is DSTV Nigeria removing educative documentary channels such as ED, BBC knowledge.,Travel channel and many others and replaced them with boring and uninteresting channels. I am honestly not satisfy with your service and thinking of getting alternative.

  149. I paid 13,980 to an invalid account no 4288654169 using my diamond mobile app on 8th January 2016. my correct decoder no is 42886541699. can the payment be transferred to the correct account or fund reversed to my account? what is the process or procedure for reversal if otherwise ?

  150. Good morning, kindly pls activate my decoder, i paid for two months on sunday 8th Jan 2017 and up till now its not yet activated.
    decoder no:42568905998
    name:olaosebikan isaac alaba
    amount paid: 1900 naira twice

  151. I was told that if i should subscribe before black Friday of 2016 i would be given January free and i was also sent a congratulatory message for the free subscription, but since my Dstv expired in Decembero and we have entered January, still showing E-16 my smart card number is 4259579195

  152. pls my favourite channel is Nat geo wild but recently its only Dr pol you guys are showing almost for six hours every day pls we are tired give us value of our money

  153. Pls my subc. is active only but this morning my decoda showing E30-4 and try resetting but is not connecting. Please i need your help smt card number is 4122130770

  154. Hello
    can Collective Account shows all the premium
    how much is the monthly subscription for
    Can i separate the decoder far distance like Flat
    to Flat?
    can i use one HD Decoder and other two?
    what is the requirement?
    and how much money does it require?
    please let me know……

  155. I got a text from Dstv that I should Recharge my account before 7 December 2016 to receive airtime credit of #500. I did the Recharge but my mobile is not credited up til now. my Dstv card no. is 41157111596. please help to redeem the offer.

  156. Hello
    can Collective Account shows all the premium
    how much is the monthly subscription for
    Can i separate the decoder far distance like Flat
    to Flat?
    can i use one HD Decoder and other two?
    what is the requirement?
    and how much money does it require?
    please let me know……

    i’m still waiting for answer please

  157. Hi admin. Plz im from Ghana. I have many issues to discuss wit u personally so can u plz send me ur number or hala me on +233266336128 tnx to u. I will b waiting for u

  158. Hi, I paid for my subscription yesterday online, and was successful. Ref: 10945511085410. But I’m still not activated, could you pls activate me on 41354930186.

  159. Good morning.pls,my dstv stil not yet come up since Saturday evening. I paid online time 04:11. Number (10211297782) Name Ore Faridah Adisa. Thanks.

  160. pls. our dstv is not coming up we subscribe for Premium xtra view since
    Monday 30/1/2017 here is the smart card details:
    smart card no.: 10171813727
    name: Ogv hotel.
    pls. help us out we are loosing customers.

  161. Hello admin I subscribed my Dstv on ATM for 3 days ago but not yet coming up keep showing E16-4.
    I’ve sent reset to 30333 still not activated.
    Smart card number 4252297306 tanx.

  162. Hi, I subscribed online to family HD extraview, but downgraded from compact plus and the view is not coming up. Customer care numbers are frustrating. These are my card details 41305910865.hamza adebowale RASHEED

  163. Good evening my name is Victor, I installed DSTV in my house yesterday and up till now I have not been activated. My card number: 10433646147.
    Kindly help asap. Thanks.

  164. Gud evening. Pls can you help bring bak all my channels coz d only one i have now is 198 few days ago my subscription expired and i subscribed for 3600 and my husband mistakenly did another one and now all my channels are gone pls help me. This is my smart card number 10211280598

  165. Afternoon my man paid the bouquet for me in december, as it was his bros he send to do it he said he paid for two months but after a month the channels are not coming i want to find out whether my bouquet is paid cos he said the dstv is having problems , my smart card number is 1043398037

  166. This is the worst company with worst customer care representative. No way to contact them. If you call them on phone you will burn your airtime speaking with machine. Shame to you dstv

  167. Hello, i made a purchase of dstv zapper decoder on their online products portal(MCN Shop) since on the 1st of march 2017. it was stated that it takes 2-3 working days to deliver to my address.. up till this moment, I have not had from them.. Calling the numbers they put on the website is not connecting. kindly advice

  168. I paid N13980 via online Quickteller re. Account 42522971953 on February 21, 2017 and subsequently called for reconnection. Two days later the account was scrambled again. I have visited your Abuja offices at Wuse II five (5) times during this saga and all I hear is that Interswitch did into remit the funds.

    Now, why should I suffer the reconciliation issues between Multichoice and Interswitch which serves as your collecting agent?

    It’s simply frustrating the way you treat subscribers , especially given that this account was purchased in October 2003!

    I request that you reconnect me forthwith and sort your matter with Interswitch.

  169. I paid N13980 via online Quickteller re. Account 42522971953 on February 21, 2017 and subsequently called for reconnection. Two days later the account was scrambled again. I have visited your Abuja offices at Wuse II five (5) times during this saga and all I hear is that Interswitch did into remit the funds.

    Now, why should I suffer the reconciliation issues between Multichoice and Interswitch which serves as your collecting agent?

    It’s simply frustrating the way you treat subscribers , especially given that this account was purchased in October 2003!

    I request that you reconnect me forthwith and sort your matter with Interswitch.

  170. Paid my subscription Saturday 4th March, three days after I’m yet to be connected.
    Your RESET option, *288*2# option, even your easy fix option on your app. are all not working! !
    Called your so called toll free and after being kept waiting for 18mins had a dropped call and still had N471 , deducted from my credit.
    I smell a rip off here . Who is going to be responsible for the N471 debit , the 3 days or more I am losing for payment without service? What about the inconvenience and hours spent trying to get redress!
    Please do something urgently .

    • It is ridiculous that whilst Chiele Global Enterprises in Festac Town are ardent subscription collectors for Dstv, they are absolutely useless in assisting your customers solve ANY viewing problems.
      In the past 24hrs your toll free line 0803….. cannot be accessed. Your customer care service is deplorable. ..It needs massive improvement.
      I and I’m sure millions of other subscribers would have migrated from your service but for the near monopoly you have on this service.
      My smartcard number is 4279377043.
      I have been on premium for over a decade. I hope you will restore service TODAY 7th March 2017.

  171. I am disappointed that after renewal of my subscription since 2nd March, 2017, full service is yet to be restored to my TV set. I realized that after payment that my previous payment had not expired before making additional payment. I think that DSTV Nigeria has exhibited gross poor customer service with the over due time to restore full service 4 days after payment. My smart card no is 4133565125.

  172. My name is Pastor Martin IGHOYIVWI. I live in Abuja. My DSTV smart card number is 4252352458, account name: NIGERIA CINI. My phone number which I also used for the subscription is +234-803-587-1563.

    I wanted to use the ATM Quickteller option to renew my subscription first week of February this year. There was no option for Compact Plus Bouquet. Only compact. I now paid for compact. I later discovered that most of the sports channel I love to watch are not available on this bouquet.

    So, I had to go to a dealer to pay for a fresh subscription of Compact plus within the week. The switch over could not be done by the DSTV in Lagos when I called. I was told to wait till the first subscription is exhausted first week of March. I have called several times to remind the customer service department for the activation of compact plus bouquet since the money I have in my account is for that bouquet. I even spoke to a customer service representative again on Monday 6th March who promised to activate Compact plus bouquet for me.

    My anger now is that, this was not done. The system automatically renewed my subscription to compact instead of compact plus. Now I have some balance money in my account.

    Now, I want to watch Europa league this evening only to discover that compact plus was not activated despite the several complaints and call to your central customer service department. I have been brazenly denied the pleasure I derive from watching live football such as what has happened this evening.

    I strongly demand that my request be granted. I don’t need that money in my account now. I want Compact plus to be activated for me. That is what I paid for and I gave that instruction several times.

    A world class company like yours is expected to be customer sensitive. You are not the only provider of digital satellite TV. But I chose DSTV for all these years. Now I feel like destroying my decoder. I am very angry.

    Thank you.

  173. Hello sir.please am using the old dstv decoder and the card is lost.though its been long we subscribe on it.and now am about subscribing but i dont know how to go about from warri delta state. please help me find a way out.bcos the only station am being allowed to view is just the Dish advert station.we use to watch cctv free channels before but now .non is showing. just the Dish channel. thanks

  174. Hello sir, please I come from Ghana and sent someone who bought the Dstv decoder for me from Nigeria. I installed it today the 12 of March 2017 but was told that “the decoder has a smartcard pairing error” In view of this no picture has displayed on the TV. I contacted a Dstv dealer who told me that the smartcard has not yet been activated and hence asked me to contact your customer care for assistance. The smartcard number is 10433693388.

  175. I renewed my subscription to dstv family this evening around after 6:00pm via quick teller but uptill now my service has not been reconnected. My smart card no is 42503911408 .

  176. My smart card number is 42507323477, am a prepaid subscriber. I wanted to make payment but was told that I am oweing dstv ( outstanding ). I asked a question but could not get answer, my question was even when I am not in town dstv will claim that I have enjoyed its service and should pay for it. I only subscribe when am in town and have the financial capability. For this reason I have decided to abandon my dstv. I cannot vomit what I did not eat. Thanks.

  177. Please I installed dstv yesterday and I subscribe for 3800 , but the problem now is that it’s showing me E18-4 and then it’s says that the programme is not available in this country. Please help me out. I don’t want to regret going for dstv.

  178. Can I still make use of my decoder smart card that I last used about four years ago again to pay for subscription in order to enjoy Dstv services.

  179. I have logged a complaint in respect of Spurious Debit balance on my account 1025611292 reference #2862860 and several reminders have been sent as a follow up but; Dstv is yet to respond to resolution of the debit balance.

    Following the downgrade of my subscription from Premium to Family sometimes in January 2017, I paid N5,800.00 for the downgrade but I was told that DSTV system did not downgraded my subscription as instructed and paid for.

    There was no way for me to know as I travelled for most part of the month until when I wanted to renew family subcription when I was confronted with the debit position.

    I have been to Osogbo Centre where I made the payment severally to no avail, I am compelled to come forward on this forum that I cannot pay for somebody’s negligence or system error. My humble appeal is that DSTV rectify this error on my account as it is un-heared of for DSTV to give Overdraft on its services and it is their error.

    I am using this medium to appeal to DSTV to clear this spurious debit to give way for subsequent subscription as any further delay may require escalation to regulatory authority and this mail would also be part of my evidences.
    Thank you and best regards.

  180. pls can I change the name and number used in registering a friend gave me one and I want to change the name and no
    pls how can I do that?

  181. Am a dstv premium subscriber. I can’t register with dstv now no matter how I try. They kept saying my account is not recognized. What should I do?

  182. I am still awaiting your reply to my my mail in respect of Fraud/ Spurious Debit balance and manipulation of my account #1025611292.

    The mail above was submitted since 17th March 2017 and has not receive the courtesy of a line reply.

    Please treat as VERY URGENT.

  183. Good Morning,

    Am a subscriber in Ghana and i operate my dstv through friends that always try
    chit me in terms of the payment packages .

    I want you to help either with a number so that i can be doing payment direct to you guy
    in Nigeria.

    Thank You.

    • hello bro, please am also in Ghana and want to do the same so please contact me on 0246282170 or you can give me your contact pls. i need some very imortant information from you thnx

  184. hello admi,
    please am from Ghana and i want to know if i can purchase a dstv decoder from nigeria and use it in Ghana.
    Thank you

  185. Hello how much is Dstv subscription Access,i mean the one of #1800 now?? This is my smart card number.. 4258454776

  186. Hello

    My name is Sola Opadere withj smart card number 1030589301.

    I have paid my subscription before it expired but was surprised that I was blocked from viewing my regular channels.

    Urgently reconnect me pls

  187. I subscribe #2000 on my dstv account now and for me to access the tv (watch) it’s not showing only what I can see was thus channel is blocked because it may not be part of your package or your service may have been suspended. what’s happening, i hope after paying I should be able to watch any channel limited to my subscription. I need a quick answer on this

  188. Hello admin,
    I subscribe for family bouquet of =N=1800. Used for just a week and each time I turn on my decoder it tells me”SARCHING FOR SIGNAL” endlessly.
    Please how to rectify this problem.
    Cos I’m not enjoying it at all.

  189. Hello, I paid for Compact #8160 on line since yesterday Sunday 16th but up till now it hasn’t been released.Smart card no is 10276913612.

  190. please my name is nasiru mohammed I pay my DSTV with my Cofred account but up to now they didn’t connected me my DSTV card is 1045 9985 262 I pay for compact plus

  191. how do i subscribe my DSTV walka 7.there is an error message saying (ensure that you are in a DSTV mobile DVB-H coverage area and have a active subscription.)
    kindle advise me on what to do.


  192. pls I have just subscribed and sent RESET 4135394879 to 30333, but it has not started showing.

  193. Pls I have an idea of a written advertisement placement by my self and I will like to share it with Dstv I shall be grateful if my quote is being considered My name is olalekan ayinde Phone number is +2347038160419

  194. I made payment online on my account yesterday. It appears my account is not created. I still cannot view any channel outside Channel 100 and NTA. Please see the details of my account below.
    Smart Card Number: 10209813061
    Name: Adakole Ochigbo
    Phone number: 08069059182
    Email: [email protected]

    Kindly do the needful.

  195. Good day,
    I have a DSTV Premium HD package which was working okay until 2 days ago when the movies and series on the DSTV Catch Up is no longer allowing me to access the programs stacked up for later. It keeps giving the message “This service is only available on selected packages”

    Any help will be appreciated.


  196. Hello, I just paid 8500 for dual view, compact and can’t get Nick Jr kids channel, I actually thought i t is inclusive in this particular bouquet,
    Smart no 10047791479

    Kindly respond pls

  197. Gud day sir/ma, I’m Mr Rasheed, av not been around for a while, i just came back of recent, I subscribed on my Gotv, amount is 1900, on IUC 2021751304, date & time of subscription 9/9/2017 & 4:30pm, up till now no channel comes up, pls kindly see to it.

  198. I am a DSTV subscriber over 5 years. I am surprised that the moment subscription expires, DSTV turns us off completely. This never used to be so before. At least they could put us on Free to Air channels pending when a recharge can be made. I passionately plead for consideration on this issue.

  199. I tried paying through the ATM but I paid into the wrong subscription which is premium so I want to pay for dstv access instead which is 1900 how can that be sorted out please

  200. I am currently living in Sierra Leone and have two Premium dual /extraview subscriptions . I want to subscribe for six months each ,how much do I have to pay considering the extra view status.
    Please help

  201. I have a DSTV family package (4119282471.) and the subscription will expire next year January 10, 2018. Unfortunately, it has been srambled since yesterday evening. Is there any reason for this? I am a regular customer and I do not allow my subscription to expire before paying. Please kindly assist.

  202. Gud afternoon, I made a payment online 1900,and till now I can’t access any station. Pls help. My smart card is 4132001108 thanks

  203. Good morning from Cotonou, Benin Republic. Please i bought a dstv from a dealer here in Cotonou who buys from Nigeria to sell to his customers but after mounting the pan and set to install, i didn’t know it’ll takesime timefor the decoder to activate itself, so i mistakenly press factory reset on the decoder and now the decoder isn’t working again. What shall i do now. My IUC number is 7017019074 and the serial number is H004094927X5. Thank you

  204. Good morning. Please ignore the IUC and serial number on the above complain as there is an error while typing. Correct it as: IUC/SC: 7011996362 and serial number: H004045195X1

  205. Good evening service, I paid online for close to a week now and since then I have not been activated. card number is 1040976231

  206. Good afternoon I have a problem with my dstv it keep telling me searching for signal for days now. My smart card number is 10101784915

    • I renew my subscription since almost 24hours (yesterday 13th June 2018) up till i cant gain access to any of the station.

      my smart card no. is 10305833443. transaction reference- 1014M0381179.

      I need your urgent intervention.

      Thank you.

  207. Pls i have paid already for access package since yesterday and I still can’t view anything, pls reconnect me, my id number is 7018266608

  208. I want to bring to your notice that i received a text message in May,2018,that if i can recharged #1,900 from on the 1st to on the 10th of May,i will be given 1 month extral view of the same bouquet,i rally round to look for the money,to recharged,one of your representative even called me on the 9th of may still re-asuring me about the 1 month extral viewing if i can meet up before on the 10th of may,i was able to recharged on the 10th May.To my suprise,i can not view any channel again since yesterday 9th
    of May with the 1 month extral view, i suppose view the channel till JULY 9th.Please i want you to give me the 1 month extral as promised My card No is 10172575259,i when to borrow the #1,900 to recharged because of my children.

  209. I want to your urgent response on this complain; One of your representative called me to inform me on 24th may 2018, that if i can recharge my subscription(10208442391) on or before 28th May 2018, that i will be given extra 2 months free viewing on my bouquet, and recently my one month has expired but the free subscription is yet to come. I would want to ask if you guys now scam and cheat your customers in these manner.

  210. I paid for compact #6800 but what I am watching now is family. I complained to your office in Gwarinpa Abuja to up grade it but they have done nothing. Please up grade my bouguet. My card number is 10416380102.


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