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Choosing an easy Ecommerce Website Builder is key to the success of your online store business. After all, the choice of platform can affect sales and boost customer confidence in your online brand. Therefore, you need a surprisingly easy way to sell your products to prospective customers.

It is enough hassle that customers search for hours before settling for an item to buy on the Internet. Please, don’t further make their life unbearable by throwing a difficult platform at them. You need a sleek, modern store layout with simple but excellent features that will provide consistent shopping experience. It must be easy to use and work seamlessly and efficiently across all devices such as desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Without mincing words, a good ecommerce website builder must have all or many of the following features and functionalities:

  • Shopping Cart and Checkout
  • Mobile Store and Checkout
  • Filtered Product Search
  • Digital Goods and Physical Products
  • Search Engine Optimized Stores
  • Flexible Shipping Options
  • Fine-Grained Tax Control
  • Inventory Management
  • Android and iPhone Apps

Shopify makes it easy to open an online store by providing all the tools and help you need. Click here to try it for free!

When it comes to choosing an easy Ecommerce Website Builder for your store, Shopify ecommerce website builder readily comes to mind. I am recommending Shopify because it is a very reliable, working solution to help you build a profitable online store. Here are other positive features to consider


Secure and Fully Integrated Shopping Cart System at Check Out
With a very easy but powerful ecommerce website builder, your customers can enjoy the convenience of a fully integrated free shopping cart and a secure experience at Check out. They are 99.9% protected against fraud and credit card theft issues. In addition, having technical skills is often not required to set up an easy shopping cart as this is done automatically when you create your store.

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Should it be Mobile Friendly?
Yes. The ideal ecommerce website must include a free mobile friendly shopping cart you can use. In other words, the secure Checkout experience is designed to work perfectly and easily adapt on smaller screen views. This is the world of mobile friendly interface. Hence, you need to be sure your ecommerce website will adapt perfectly when viewed on mobile phones and tablets.

Powerful Filtered Product Search
Your ecommerce website must not only be easy, but embedded with a Powerful Filtered Product Search too. The powerful filtered product search helps prospective customers find the products they want without much ado.


It should not only showcase the most relevant products based on customer search query, but also must allow customers filter results based on certain selected attributes such as price, size, color, and so on. This generates maximum exposure for all of your inventory and eventually more buying opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is important for any online venture to succeed and get ahead competition. The entire site & product pages have been designed with the search engine in mind for easy crawling and indexing by search engine robots. Therefore, you basically have all you need to start ranking your product pages in the search results once your store is launched.

Flexible Shipping Options
Depending on the shipping options you choose to have on your site, the cart should fully be equipped to handle a complete spectrum of shipping situations– whether simple or complex.

You should have the opportunity to offer free shipping on select orders, set shipping rates based on price or weight and even define carriers (e.g. UPS, USPS, FedEx). But that is not all, the ecommerce builder allows you to also set delivery speed. For example, ground, 3-day or even overnight.

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You can also change your rate based on international support and fine-grained control options for sub-regions such as states, provinces and so on.

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  1. Just wondering which cart to use for our site.
    My question is, does it work with Nigerian based business?
    Does shopify handle the configuration and security?

    Thank you

    Thanks for the write up.

    • Hello Mr Muyiwa,
      Yes Shopify does work PERFECTLY with Nigerian based business model. It has an in-built configuration and settings that are pretty intuitive. You get a fully customizable, mobile responsive ecommerce site with Shopify. Also, the security is top-notch. We recommend Shopify. You can try it for 2 weeks free by clicking the Shopify banner in the article above. After the trial period, you can pay if you are happy with the cart. We will be glad to help you further if you have more questions.

  2. For so much time,i made orders from similar website builders like Wix,Weebly.
    I can say one thing,you need to look at young and promising guys like Weblium( They provide a full time site support 24\7.
    For all services and protection,they want only 220$ this is way cheaper then most of competitors!


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