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Review of Top 10 E commerce Stores in Nigeria

Nigeria has quite a number of ecommerce sites. Many more of them are established these days and they are making brisk business. This write up is going to look into the top 10 among these ecommerce sites.

Jumia Nigeria

It is the very first in the list. It came to being in 2012. It is just like It has transcended the Nigerian coast in popularity. They sell practically everything you can ever imagine.

Konga Nigeria

It is among the top too and sell loads of items. It came to being also in 2012. Konga competes with Jumia in popularity and the two are the most popular in Nigeria.

Kaymu Nigeria

It is also a leading ecommerce outlet in Nigeria. It is however not as especially popular as the first two. It came to being 2012 also. It is however increasing in popularity as the days go by. Practically all items are sold here too.


It is also an ecommerce site in Nigeria where you can buy so many items. It is however not so popular like any of the three mentioned above. They came to being in 2009 and they can be said to be the pioneer outlet in Nigerian ecommerce business. They are located in Lagos, Ikeja to be precise. They sell loads of wearable.


It came to being in 2011, March to be precise. It is also one of the most popular ecommerce sites in Nigeria today and it has made its mark over the years. Their website is very unique they sell all sorts of items on the site.

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This ecommerce site came to being in 2008. It however did not start its full operation as an ecommerce site until 2010 and that was during the world cup competition organized by FIFA in that year in South Africa. They make available all kinds of information available to their visitors, like travel services and hotel reservations.


It is an ecommerce platform with a difference. You can easily buy all sorts of services and products on this site. They provide equipment repair, service and installation on the site also.


It started in 2009. They deal in fashion products and they also sell various clothes. They are best for anyone seeking to transfer cash too. This fact places them a head taller than many other ecommerce outlets in Nigeria.

Buy correct

The site is managed for superiority by UK2ME Logistics. This is among the best of the procurement service providers online today and they have specialty in providing help to Nigerians in buying products of various types both oversees and in Nigeria. It is very easy and straightforward to make orders for various items on this site and these items can even be delivered to you within 4 days from outside Nigeria.

Mall for Africa

They are among the best for purchasing items of all sorts in the country. They also have lots of clients in other African countries. If you need to buy items from other countries of the world and import such items to any country in Africa, this is among the best outlet to patronize.

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