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Who actually is a freelancer? Well, a freelancer is someone who works with a number of organizations, companies and websites, without being necessarily employed by any or all of them. In other words, you won’t be working for “free”, but will actually be free to work based on the availability of jobs, as well the time available to do the job.

The internet has made it easier to earn dollars online, while working as a freelancer from the comfort of your own home in Nigeria. All you need is an internet connection and a personal computer.

In fact, when I started freelancing in 2009, I did freelancing from my mobile phone– an old Nokia 3110 Classic of mine, you must have come across such a phone with a small screen, I guess? 🙂 But today, I keep counting my blessings for making a quick start at the freelancing business in 2009, even though I started on a low key which has paved the way to grow big over the years. I see it as a plus for you if you already have your own PC, internet connection skills and passion that can be sold to your client.

If you have decided to earn money as a freelancer, I say “congratulations” because it’s a profitable decision that can earn you enough money to supplement your income or even replace it! Welcome to a world of job flexibility and creative freedom! Read on as I take you through the 6 Steps you need to follow and earn money as a Freelancer.

Step 1– Choose the type of freelance work you can devote your time to doing

Choose the type of freelance work you can devote your time to doing. There are millions of freelancing jobs that can be done online today, and new ones are coming up every day, just as companies tend to scale down on their traditional employees and look up to outsourcing to freelancers to reduce their operational costs!

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<color=#80BF00>Tip: Choose a freelance job you are naturally gifted at or devote your time to learn about it.

I remember my passion for writing and so, choosing writing when I started as a freelancer came to mind as “first choice”. Then, I soon discovered my flair for designs and so learned (or may I say self-tutored) web design and development.

Today, I have amazing skills using Photoshop and Illustrator and have gone a step further to know HTML, Javascript and PHP/MySQL(the programming language I used in building this Forum and a host of other sites clients pay me to build!).

I am neither sweet talking nor blowing my trumpet, but just to challenge you that if a Nigerian (like my humble self) can do it, nothing stops you from doing it even better!

Step 2–Create a Schedule of when you can work

Create a Schedule of when you can work

Depending on the schedule you create, you can choose to work either part-time or full time. Once you have determined this, you will find it easy to choose which freelance jobs you can apply for, depending on the deadline available.

For example, if you have the necessary programming skills and can devote at least three hours to work every day, then you will find joy doing web design and development for clients. On the other hand, a freelance writer just starting out may need at least one hour to research and write a 500-word article in MS Word.

Step 3-Find an ideal freelancing job Suitable for you!

Find an ideal freelancing job Suitable for you.

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There are many websites dedicated to providing freelance jobs to freelancers. These sites include Elance, Freelancer, Odesk and others. You can even contact potential clients by mail and ask them if they have any job you can help them with. But, be care not to spam, because spamming can be very annoying!


Tips: Here are 3 of the best freelance sites you should register with

  Freelancer (Highly Recommended!)

Freelancer is so far the biggest and one of the oldest freelance websites today. It recently acquired two freelance giants, vworker and Scriptlance, making it the biggest freelance sites i the world.

Freelancer Statistics

Number of posted projects: 5,531,932

Number of verified users: 10,448,280

Value of projects posted: $1,413,467,000 USD

Freelancer is a good place to start your freelance career. It is easy to sign up and start making money. I always recommend newbies as well as professional freelancers to take advantage of the hundreds of freelance jobs posted on freelancer daily. Join Freelancer Now!!

This is also a great website for finding freelance jobs. They offer excellent support and charge very little commission on projects you are hired to do with them. Plus, you get to meet lots of people, but cannot be compared to freelancer which has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in the past couple of years.

Elance (Now Called “Upwork”!)
This is the oldest and yet most trusted website. Having been launched since 1999, it has paid out almost half a billion dollars. It offers an array of jobs you can bid on including, web designing and development, graphics design, content writing etc. Plus, about 50,000 jobs get posted every month.

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You always stand a good chance of getting fresh jobs posted here.


Step 4—start bidding on Your Favorite project!

Once you have followed the first three steps suggested above and signed up with a freelance site, you can now start bidding on a project.

As a freelancer who is open to the global job market, look for a project that suits your ability and payments, and start the process of bidding. To do this, enter your bid amount, the duration in hours or days it would take you to complete the job, and other necessary skills and experience that would convince the client to choose you for the job.

Don’t forget to send a Private Message to the client after sending them your quotations, stating reasons why you are the most suitable candidate for the job.


Step 5–verify all your payment details and Start Making Money Online

Before you actually bid for a project you find attractive to you, ensure you verify all your payment details required by the website. That way, you are sure you can receive payments for the work you do! Make sure you repeat all the steps again, if necessary, and make a decision to make money as freelancer online today. Good luck!

As a successful online entrepreneur who has numerous digital investments, I am always here to help newbies grow and make legitimate source of income online.  Reply to the post if you have any questions. You can also go to my site about making money online. I will be glad to help. Cheers, to your success!

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