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Without any doubt, Germany is a happening country in the whole of Europe. It is a country that can be said to be the economic pulse of the whole of Europe. It has all the things you can ever expect to find in a European country with all the thrills and frills. It is among the richest countries and you will surely come by a large number of Nigerians that are residing in that country, either as students, as visitors or as permanent residents doing one or the other work in the country. Special thanks to the German Embassy in Nigeria for making traveling to Germany a reality.

In this write-up, you are going to be learning about the very important documents and considerations and requirements to possess when planning on traveling to Germany from Nigeria.

When you are applying for your Germany visa, you are expected to visit their consular office located in Lagos Nigeria. You must take note that anyone that is applying for visa is required to do such application in person. Their embassy that is located in Abuja too does give visa to people, but the Abuja embassy only provides the required visa once in a while when it becomes exceptional. It only means Lagos embassy is the main place to visit if you are in need of German visa.

German Consulate General in Lagos, Nigeria

15 Walter Carrington Crescent
(formerly Eleke Crescent)
Victoria Island
P.O. Box 72800
Lagos- Nigeria

TELEPHONE (+234) 1 280 99 66

FAX (+234) 1 280 99 69

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EMAIL- [email protected]


HEAD OF MISSION- Ingo Herbert, Consul General

German Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria

9 Lake Maracaibo Close Maitama PO Box 5177
Abuja F.C.T.

TELEPHONE (+234) 9 220 80 10 / 9 220 80 11
(+234) 70 64 10 88 00 / 80 58 80 88 00

FAX (+234) 9 220 80 09

EMAIL [email protected]



Michael Zenner, Ambassador

Before you visit the German Embassy…

Before you leave your home for the German embassy for visa application, you must first visit their website and make an application for visa appointment there. After filling the online form, they will then tell you when you should present yourself in person for the visa application you are seeking for. You also must take good note that everyone that has intention of traveling with you must also apply separately. If you plan to take your children along with you down to Germany, each of the children must apply separately for visa too.

Make sure that every single document that you are providing is authentic. If not, your application may be out rightly rejected.

Appointment exceptions

Not all Nigerians traveling to Germany will need to book for appointment. If for example you do travel very frequently and you want to make a detour to any of the cities in Germany, you will not need any form of visa appointment at all. If you are going for medical check-up or one form of treatment or the other in any city in Germany, you will also not need to apply for any form of appointment.

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Those visiting Germany for one form of conference or the other should also not bother themselves on applying for appointment with the German embassy, either the one located in Abuja or Lagos. These people will only need to arm themselves with all required documents and come with these documents to the embassy in person. They must provide the original copies of their documents also.

It is very important that you book advance appointment so as to know exactly the day you will be required to come for visa interview. Only few people can be attended to each day at the German embassy and there are lot of Nigerians that are seeking for permission to enter into Germany.

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