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My name is Adeniyi Adesanya,  and am the brain behind reviewcious this popular website you are reading! I am a web designer, internet marketer, Copywriter and currently a doctor in training.

I help people build websites and write high quality, compelling content that will resonate with readers and achieve rankings in the search engines. As you may have noticed, this site receives hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly from Google and is still growing in popularity everyday. I have other sites ranking in Google as well. Thanks to my modest efforts!

Every business needs  a performing website and the services of a professional SEO copywriter/content writer to succeed online, except you can do it all by yourself. Besides having a powerful top-notch design, you need a copywriter that can drive targeted traffic to your website or blog, and build for you the customer-driven business of your dream.

Very well, then, I am here to help you make more profit by driving targeted traffic and build authority for your website.

You will not only get  expert copy writing, but I will prove valuable to your business growth as a well-experienced SEO Marketing expert. I have several years’ experience in SEO and Social Media marketing.

I write compelling, powerful content to help businesses grow online. I do NOT spam to get you on the front page of Google, neither do I promise to help you achieve topmost ranking in your niche overnight. No, the era of overnight rankings in Google has come and gone with the wind…

But I am ready to write, produce maximum exposure and growth for your business, while making your site friendly to the search engines!

More than ever before, Google now gives preference to sites that offer fresh, high quality information over sites doing black hat SEO techniques,when they determine what sites to feature in top 10 of organic listings. Thanks to the latest Google Panda updates!


For any business to achieve durable rankings in Google, it must remain relevant to its targeted audience and strive to meet their needs by providing valuable, compelling information at all times. In addition, for any content to attract viral traffic, it must also stay up to date and be practical in its approach to solving uncommon problems. When it comes to writing for the growth of your business, then I am ready to work with you.

I write to help your business grow, adopting the F.A.S.T approach to content writing:

  • Furnish your audience with the high quality information they are looking for
  • Attract targeted audience
  • Stimulate and make them willing to act quickly
  • Turn your site readers, visitors into lifelong customers and clients

Take a Look at My Services:


1. On-Page, Off-Page SEO & Link building

I offer a unique approach to helping you rank in Google for top customer-related search terms. My approach to ranking your website is unique. It’s quite different from the strategy of many so-called “SEO experts” who use negative black hat techniquessuch as keyword spamming, buying links from link farms and other sharp practices. Their UNHEALTHY approach just does not work any longer.

Google is determined to de-rank or even ban such sites that use unscrupulous methods to appear in their organic listings.

But the good news is, Google has reserved a place for your website in their organic search listings, just like every other site that plays the SEO game by the rules. Google values top quality, ORIGINAL content that solves problems and offer practical solutions.

I will help you build viral traffic by writing, sharing powerful content that will go viral and build natural backlinks to your site. Within a short time, you will dominate the market and your site will be on the front page of Google.

Fill the form below and let me know your budget, the website URL you want to rank for, current PageRANK and domain age.

2. Content Marketing Service

With the power of sound research, good communication skills and unique writing style, I will write IRRESISTIBLE content that will help you expand your audience reach. I have more than 3 years experience and have written over 6,500 compelling niche-specific contents for clients globally.

With my expertise in writing UNIQUE content and SEO, I will leverage the FAR-REACHING effect of QUALITY content to attract loyal readers to your site. Your visitors will learn and stay with you, buying your products and services for a long time to come.

Fill the form below to contact me now!

3. Ghost Writing Services

You want your blog or website to stay up to date, compelling, fully optimized to cater for your audience needs, and even more so that the search engines can find you online. But unfortunately, you don’t have the time to update your site frequently. Not to worry, I would be more than happy to work with you as your ghostwriter.

The textual content will be credited to you as the author. Ghost writing is good if you want to stay in contact with your readers, but don’t have the time to write quality, compelling content or drive target traffic to your site. I will be glad to write excellent blog posts for you regularly.

I’ve been doing ghostwriting tasks for over 3 years now. My clients are happy with the quality of my services. Do you want me to help you manage your blog, updating it with powerful content? If yes, am equal to the task. Besides, I can conveniently work with popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others.

4. Web Design Services

I love to build websites and it has always been a passion to write programming codes that turn out into well-crafted beautiful websites. Here are just a few of the websites that have helped to develop and design:



www.reviewcious.com (this very site you are viewing!)

www.seedesignz.com (current project)

www.oouthmug.com (current project)



Because every project is unique and varies in complexity, I don’t have a fixed price for all projects. Instead, you will need to contact me with your project request and I will give you a quote. If we agree on the payment and deadline for the project, then I will start work. Please note that 50% payment is needed to start work and balance is paid upon completion.


How to Contact Me

You can reach me on my personal phone number, 08133024344 , send me an email on [email protected] Alternatively, pls fill the form below to send your message.

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Contact me now and let’s discuss how our search engine placement company can help you drive targeted customers to your website and give you viable ranking in the search engines for robust profits.

PS: Due to my extremely busy schedule and my concern for high absolute customer satisfaction, I can only work with a few clients per month. So, hurry up and claim a slot.