Making DSTV Nigeria Online Payment has never been easier like before. The good news is that with the comfort of the Internet at you fingertips, you don’t have to leave your comfort zone. You can now pay your DStv subscriptions online each time it expires without leaving your home.

You no longer have to go to the bank or visit dstv office to renew your monthly subscription. This article is a guide on how you can make your DStv nigeria payment online without any issues.

It is easy, fast and very effective. You do not have to risk getting disconnected just because you are too busy to drive to the nearest dstv office. Now, you can pay for your DStv subscription right from your phone and other internet-enabled devices.

There are several ways you can make pay your DStv subscriptions online today. However, worthy of note are three major payment platforms: This include Mobile money, internet banking and Quickteller. Let’s get to the details of how it’s done below:


How to Pay DStv Subscription with Mobile Money

There are different mobile movie platforms such as Firstmonie from First Bank Nigeria, MTN Mobile Money, my paga, etc. Mobile money works by Mobile Money transforms your mobile phone into an electronic wallet or e-wallet and basically helps you store funds electronically.

By so doing, you can send money to friends online and make electronic payment for goods and services, including paying your DStv subscription. To do this, just select dstv subscription payment on your Mobile Money platform and pay your subscription fees.


How to Pay DStv Subscription with GTBank Internet Banking

Log into your GTBank Internet Banking platform and click on payment options. You should be able to see the option for DStv Subscriptions. Choose your DStv bouquet package and Quickteller. After that, choose your account biller name, which is DStv. You will also choose your utility type (Access bouquet, Access Bouquet, Extra View, Compact, etc).

Then, enter the amount you are paying, your email address, DSTV smart card Number, email, phone number and Answer the secret question that follows. Now, presscontinue to enter your GTBank token Number.

How to Pay DStv Subscription via Quickteller

After you login to the quick teller platform, enter your DSTV smart card Number and other relevant details specified above, as required on the Quickteller platform. After you fill in the necessary details and click the Next button, you should see a billing page where you will have the option to pay with your ATM card.

So, enter your ATM card details and you may further have to enter your bank token if required for your payment to be initiated. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to process your payment.

How to Activate your DStv Subscription after Payment

The next thing is to immediately activate your DStv subscription after paying online. This is quite easy! Just send your smart card number with the Code “RA” to the DSTV self-card number. The self-care number for Nigeria is ‘30330’. Send “RA” and your smart card number to 30330.

Hope you find it easy making DStv Nigeria online payment. Let me know if you have any issues or complaints. Just click the reply button below to send in your response. Good luck!




    • I have just successfully paid my DSTV subscription online and sent my self-care 30330 but no reconnection yet. What do I do next? Card no.10172290669.

    • Hello. I have followed the instructions and paid my subscription 10 minutes ago. It’s still not showing. I tried before in that I had to go to the nearest dstv office for activation. Please, can you help me out? My smart card number is 4135503377. Will really appreciate it pls

  1. Good morning,my name is Emmanuel adetunji
    I registered my dstv since tree days ago is not working please help me my card number

    • Hello Mr Najib, I suppose the issue must have been resolved by now. If not, to activate your DStv subscription, pls send “RA” (without the quote) and your smart card number to 30330. 30330 is the DSTV self-care customer number for Nigeria.
      Let us know if your issue is resolved. Thanks

    • Hi,
      You will need to Download & install First Bank Mobile Money App, called First Money, on your phone. Once you do, you will be able to pay dstv subscription & other services from your phone. Cheers

  2. Thanks for the information on Dstv online payments. I am a first time Dstv subscriber. Please how soon can I get the channels on my tv after making an online payment?

  3. I just subscribe my DSTV using quickteller and I have been crying finalise the process by sending RA an my smart card number to 30330 but the message won’t deliver. Please assist. The smart card number is 10211210686. Thanks

  4. I subscribe my dstv since 11am using quickteller.. tired sending my smart card no with RA to 30330.. but can’t deliver.. pls help me… smart card no-41354136719

  5. How fast does this work? I’ve paid via access bank mobile and sent the required code to 30330. Pls assist 10172107814. Thanks. Alexander

  6. I subscribed since 12am via mobile banking and my dstv hasn’t been activated and i’ve tried using the code but its not delivering. My card no is 42595415862.

  7. I subscribe my dstv using quickteller, tried sending my smart card no with RA to 30330 but didn’t deliver pls help my smart card no 4256894122

  8. I couldn’t find Compact plus on the ATM when ì tried paying for my subscription this morning, so I pressed Compact and it is for 6,000. I eventually succeeded in making the Compact Plus online payment so what will happen to my 6,000 that I paid earlier. I paid 9,420.00 for Compact plus which is what I want to be connect to .
    Can you tell me my current place running now and what I can do next.

  9. Please let me know my current plan now and what I can do. I paid two times for my subscription. Christian Ogo, Smart card no 4130678148

  10. Please I paid for compact and I’m trying to re-activate by sending the text message; bt its not going. Kindly help. My smart card no is 10283214939

  11. I renewed since yesterday 13/05/16, and even received sms saying “Dear DStv subscriber, your payment received on 13/05/16 was processed. Thank you. Your next due date is 12/07/16”. This was at 2.10 am, today, up till this moment ku Africa channels though displayed are not working, rather it takes you to the page that says “——send reset to 30333 etc”.
    I wonder why the necessary resetting could not be done when the payment was acknowledged. I will credit you though it din’t used to take so long , I had to come online ‘cos your customer care no. I have (08176658036) was not going, and I expected to find other or alternative numbers on your site but that was not so.
    Also note that the message sent to me said my renew date would be 12/07 not 06 of which I intended to ask one of your agents when they call to enquire how you are doing as they used to.

    SC 4288664714


    • Hi Emadamerho,
      What type of payment do you want to make? If it is to send mobile transfer to another bank account, just dial *737# on your phone and chose “transfer”

  13. I made payment about 4am today via gtbank internet platform and my account has already been debited but trying to complete the process by sending ra and my detail to 30330 but is not going and my tv is not coming on. My no is 41050269673 pls help

  14. I paid for dstv via online yesterday evening and I have sent SMS to 30330 till now its not displaying my card number is 4288667273

  15. Hi Adeniyi

    This is has been really helpful so far. In regards to the text message, could you help with more details?
    1. Should there be a space between RA and the card no?
    2. Should RA come before or after the smartcard no in the text message?


    • Hi Nero,
      Thank you for your comments. Enter RA leave a space,  then enter the first 10 digits of your smart card number and send To 30333 via SMS.

  16. Pls I have paid since lastnight and it has not been activated.i have sent RA with my smartcard number but nothing.i paid via quickteller
    name-house 8 olorunfunwa
    smartcard number 4250673041
    Pls assist

  17. I paid through mobile transfer but I have not been activated. I sent the RA with my number, 4275719412, but it says sending failed. Please assist.

  18. pls I just made a payment now and money was deducted twice on my account and d dstv was not yet activated d smart card no 42887055798 pls help

  19. Hello. Pls i left my dstv for a long time without using it. Now i want tp recharge using online payment , i hope i will not encounter any delay.

  20. Pls, I subscribed online tonight and I’ve not been able to activate my subscription. Smart card number; 10047297352.
    Pls help

  21. please I recently subscribe using mobile banking. av been trying to send my smart card number but It’s not going. my card number s 41062699107 kindly help me please

  22. Hello, payment was accepted by your platform from my card but the RA WITH MY CARD NO KEEPS RETURNING “not delivered” What do I do?

  23. Am happy to announce even though my SC code to 30330 didn’t deliver since yesterday night yet it has bn activated within 24hrs

  24. will anything happen to my dstv for not subscribing from the past two years ago, I want make a subscription this month pls I need updates,

  25. I have made d payment but I’ve not been activated yet. All effort to contact d customer care has been fruitless. Card no is 1031418122

  26. Hi dis s john, I am an installer in Ghana n I need help from you to be able to subscribing for my customers. Pls I need guard lines on how to subscribe in Naira

  27. Hi admin, I just subscribed through Zenith App but left internet 3p as is. I have also sent RA to 30333. But still not activitied. Please assist.
    Card No:1040935342. thanks

  28. I payed for my dstv tried sending RA and card number but it’s not sending please help card number 41354903423

  29. Hi.I subscribed online yesterday,around 4pm.up till now is not yet comes number is {10211297782} Name:- Ore Faridah Adisa. Thanks.

  30. Good morning.pls,dstv still not working, since on Saturday evening, time 04:11. Av done all what u ask me to do on decoder but still not yet come number {10211297782} Name-: Ore Faridah Adisa. Thanks.

  31. I just paid online and it hasn’t activated yet, all the so called help lines aren’t going! Payment seems to be easier than activation! Please kindly rectify 10409708988

  32. Good evening, if the online payment is not working effectively then you can redirect your customers to pay directly to your Dstv outlets. We wish that the system should be automated to enable online subscribers pay and enjoy your services because outside our subscription, the bank also deduct their charges.
    Please tell us what to do. This is our smart card number 1020874425,Charles Lawson.

  33. I payed and tried sending my RA with Smart card number to 30330 but the message is not going. My card number is 4131947641.

  34. This is bullshit..payment was easy while activation is useless…I made payment through my diamond online banking and up till now my sub is not working…please help me activate my account before I loose my mind …I have sent RA to 30333 more than 6 times which they charged 20naiara per text…this is totally rubbish…my card number is 10218797651

  35. I just subscribed for my monthly family bouquet through my mobile application today and i sent it to code RA (my smart card no.) 10433044830 to 30330, it refuses to go through but kept saying “Not Sent”

  36. Pls av paid through quickteller $ send RA wit my pin buh d message is not going.Pls help me out our Dstv pin is 1005194567

  37. paid online through GT bank mobile apps since Thursday 11 may 2017 till today it is not showing

  38. Why dstv doing to us.i was a dstv viewcenter I check dstv guide I saw that supersport 6 Is going to show atlectico Madrid Vs Chelsea but now is now on supersport 1 is unfair.very soon.i will stop using ur decorder. Up TSTV NO MORE DSTV

  39. Good morning I’m in Ghana and I have the nageria D S T V and I am supscribing compact and i want to make online payment, how much will I pay I mean the transfer of the money

  40. Since one week that I subscribed my dstv it has not been working pls 42909617120 activate it for me it is my card number and I have sent ra to 30333

  41. I did did my online payment and have sent my message to 30330 but it’s not started working now.please how long does it take to work s