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This write up will guide you step by step on how to apply for UK visa application in Nigeria. The information here is simplified to ensure you easily understand everything described and this will make it very easy for you to get that application done and to get the needed approval on time.

Many Nigerians with the dream of traveling to the United Kingdom have been denied visa application at the UK embassy  several times owing to careless visa application.

Yes, the UK embassy in nigeria will proudly deny a Nigerian traveling to the UK due to wrong visa application. But with the free information revealed here, you will be able to get the application done on time and without any hitch whatsoever.  So, what are the steps to follow? Continue reading for the desired revelation.

The first step involved in UK visa application is for you to apply online. You are required to visit the visa application page for the UK online and then register accordingly, while providing all required information. To carry out the visa application, you need to provide some very important documents. These documents are required for submission in the course of the online registration. Failure to submit them completely will most likely hamper your visa approval.

The documents are listed below:
• Valid travel passport
• UK visa application form which is obtainable online
• A passport photograph ; colored and with white background and not more than 6 moths old
• The required visa fee
• Marriage certificate for the married
• Flight bookings and hotel bookings details
• Utility bills
• Supporting letter sent by friends and sponsor
• Letter of invitation and confirmation to be submitted by anyone traveling on any official business.
• Birth certificate of any number of kids you are taking along
• Original statement of account and financial proof that is not  more than 6 months old
• Letter of invitation
• Passport data page photocopy
• If you are not a Nigerian, you must present evidence to show you have permission to enter the UK.

You can also do the application at the UK embassy office in Abuja or Lagos.  A good company to work with is Teleperformance. They are in agreement with the UK government on this issue.  Before application, you need to pay a visit to the UK visa and immigration website and check what form of visa you need to apply for.

The fees vary, depending on the type of visa.  You have to pay $141 if you are going to the UK on a visit. You also need to book appointment with the UK Visa Application Centre.

You will be presented with GWF number after you have filled the online application form. You need to keep the number safe.  You will be sent an email that contains information on your date of appointment, the documents you should bring along and the location of the visa interview.

When going for the interview, you are expected to bring along your passport and the documents mentioned above.  You are also required to bring along your online application form copies. After you have paid the visa fee, your biometrics will be taken at the Application Center.  After this, you will never be able to get a refund for you visa application fee.  You must never be late for the appointment.

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