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Gone are the days when Nigerians were limited due to the fact that PayPal was not allowing them to receive money into their PayPal accounts. In times past, Nigerians were not even allowed to own PayPal accounts let alone use it for transaction online.

In case you don’t know, Paypal is an electronic payment system that allows you to pay (and get paid) money online into a virtual account called “paypal account”. In other words, a paypal account works like an electronic wallet through which many financial transactions can be conducted online. A paypal account is usually opened with an email address, which is then used to receive or send funds online.

How to make Money with Paypal

It is pretty easy to make money online. There are various methods involved in making money online legitimately — such as blogging, freelancing, buying and selling websites, etc.  With your paypal account, it will be easy to receive many of these payments online. So, once the money is now in your Paypal, you can then withdraw the funds at your local bank here in Nigeria, in Naira denomination.

Fortunately, PayPal decided to lift some of the limitations imposed on Nigeria. Sometime last year (2014), PayPal decided to allow Nigerians to own and operate PayPal account.

However, the said PayPal accounts granted to us still have some limitations. Nigerians are only allowed to send money via the PayPal account for online payment purposes, and are NOT allowed to receive money into their PayPal accounts. In other words, you can’t withdraw funds from your PayPal as a Nigerian.

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If the truth must be told, this limitations are frustrating for those who want to make money online and the merchant is asking them to own PayPal account as mode of payment.

So, let me explain some genuine means smart Nigerians make money online/withdraw with a Nigerian PayPal account in Nigeria . And believe it or not, the methods am about to reveal here are completely free and legitimate methods of making money.

This thing has been on for long and many Nigerians are already enjoying it but only a few will tell you.

How to  withdraw your Paypal Money in Nigeria

Here are some methods you can use to withdraw money from your paypal account in Nigeria.

The Payoneer MasterCard method
You can withdraw your money from PayPal using the Payoneer MasterCard. The card automatically gives you a bank account in the Bank of America once you activate the card. This means you can use your Bank of America account number to open PayPal account.

However, you will need to use a United States approved Account to verify it. Don’t worry, it is simple.! Just request a virtual US account from Payoneer. Payoneer may charge you a token for this.

You just need to request for the Payoneer MasterCard from After receiving the card, link it to your Bank of America account number that Payoneer sends along with the card. It usually takes about 1 month to have your Payoneer Mastercard shipped to your address here in Nigeria.

After you have done this, buy US VPN that will make it look like you are browsing from the United States. On your VPN, sign up a PayPal account and when they request for your bank account detail, provide your bank of America account number linked to your Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria.

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After few days, your PayPal account will be verified and you can start making money online from those sites that insist on PayPal as the only means of payment of your earnings. With a Payoneer Card backed up PayPal account, you will be able to withdraw the Naira equivalent of your dollar funds over an ATM here in Nigeria

The exchanger route
If you cannot go through the stress of collecting Payoneer MasterCard, you can decide to work through Nigerian exchangers. When the merchant you work with online request for your PayPal account for payment, simply send them any email address that you have never used before.

The merchant will send the money into the unregistered email address and you only need to contact any of the dollar exchangers in Nigeria to buy your PayPal money. They will add the unregistered email address to their own registered PayPal account and they will transfer the money into their PayPal account and pay you in naira.

This way, you will never be limited again on the issue of making money online from outlets or merchants that insist on PayPal withdrawal alone.

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    • Hello Again, Thomas , once Payoneer has shipped the card to your destination/location here in Nigeria, you will need to apply for the US Virtual account. Once your application is successful, Payoneer will send you your US virtual account details (usually with a Bank of America), which will be automatically linked to your Payoneer Mastercard.

    • Thomas, Are you referring to Payonner or Paypal site? If Payoneer, You should select English as your language on the site. If paypal, go to the Nigerian PP site instead and register.

    • Hello elnathan, yea you can withdraw with your Payoneer card provided the names on your Payoneer card tally with that in your PayPal. Note though, that you will need to link your PayPal to the virtual US Bank account issued by Payoneer.

  1. Thanks, I already have virtual US Account and Payoneer MasterCard, but I don’t know how to use token or my US account is Checking type.

    • Hi Abba,

      The US virtual account, like a US account, can be used to receive money worldwide, then you can withdraw your funds at ATM here in Nigeria, using your Payoneer card

  2. Good sir, I contacted Auction Essistance and they said Payoneer no longer accepted? Is this true?

    Because I added my bank, but days later PayPal notified me that it cannot be used and they removed it.

    What do I do?

    • In connection with what Nuzzo said, are you sure PayPal is still accepting the virtual US account from payoneer. Please this is very urgent as I need to confirm this. Thank you

      • Thank you for the response. Please I need to know if it’s possible to withdraw fund from payoneer account already linked to a virtual US account to the non Nigeria PayPal account.

  3. From what I learnt, you can nolonger use your Payoneer card to verify your Paypal account. Paypal has stopped that.

    Please I want you to help me clearify something.
    I have my payoneer card already in my hand, infact I have 2 cards sent to me because i complained that i did not see the first one so they sent another but both arrived at same time.

    MY QUESTION IS: I was given a US bank account number and a routing number.
    Do I still need to ask payoneer for another Virtual US bank account?

    If yes, kindly explain the differences between this US Virtual account you are reffering to here and the bank account that came with my card. I am kind of confused here

  4. can i receive a wire transfer to my payoneer account from USA since i have an acct number and routine numb, amd if yes, will i use the atm to receive the wire transfer sent to me in local atm

    • Hi Ibukun,
      If your Payoneer is verified and linked to your Payoneer virtual account, you can withdraw funds to your Payoneer card. Then, you receive the funds locally over the ATM via your Payoneer card.

  5. There is no need for a US paypal account, or US bank address. All you need is a PAYPAL SERA account which does anything you want to do. You can even add your payoneer card to it . This account does not need VPN, or IP. Its what I am currently using.

    How do i withdraw? There are exchangers in Nigeria willing to buy paypal funds for a resell. Sell to them and they send your money back to you.

  6. Hi, great advice. what is not clear enough is abt unregistered email never used before. With merchant or paypal or exchanger? or simply a new email(not registered/connected with paypal) submited to merchant and exchanger?

  7. i have abt 25usd fund to withdraw from for a job i did, can you gv me a paypal acct to send to then you now pay me in naira to my local acct when you get it.

    • Hello,
      I will be glad to help you out. You can send the payment to my paypal account, [email protected].

      Pls note that currently, the exchange rate for the dollar to Naira is approximately N199. That is the amount banks in Nigeria exchange dollars for.

      If you agree, I will send the Naira equivalent to your bank account when I have the funds. Pls note that am just doing this to help out.


  8. have not use paypal before so gv me steps to transfer to your paypal acct thru my upwork acct.please make it 200 per dollar

    • No, I don’t have a skill account. Sending money via PayPal is self explanatory on upwork. Just request to withdraw using PayPal and you will be guided through.

  9. After I signed up for payoneer, I was issues a US bank account and a route number which I can activate my card with once it arrives. I like to know if I would still need a US virtual account in order to link my payoneer to PayPal account.

    Kindly explain the difference between these accounts.

    • Hello Tommy, yes you will need the US virtual bank account and Payoneer Mastercard details to verify your PayPal account.

  10. Since payoneer bank doesn’t work anymore, do you think getting a virtual bank from Auction Essistance would be a good idea?

  11. Hello ADMIN,

    Your WordPress-powered blog is good. But as an experienced WordPress user, I must clearly say that your site is vulnerable to brute force attack. Your login username is “admin” and you’re STILL using “admin” as your screen display name.

    If I were a malicious user, hacking into your WordPress admin dashboard would have been a matter of 20minutes.

    1. Change your display name to something else. Don’t use “admin”.
    2. Hide your “wp-admin” login page.
    3. Limit login attempts (use a plugin).
    4. Hide your WordPress version number.

    Get in touch: laiveetom[at]gmail[dot]com

      • Please I really need your help pataining to both payoneer and PayPal…on payoneer registration I was stuck on national Id card…is dat necessary for the payoneer account..thank you very much

  12. Hi. Good evening to you. Please I need your advice on the PayPal account setup. There’s more in the email I’ve sent you. Would appreciate your response. Thank you.

  13. wow. Thanks admin for this wonderful info. Iv been looking for something like this. But lease I have some questions:

    Is this payoneer method still working for paypal as at today?

    and I just opened a paypal nigeria account last week and my details especially name is already on their server. Will I still be able to use this payoneer method since I will still have to open a new paypal account for the payoneer stuff and I will have to supply my name for the new payoneer paypal account, won’t paypal detect that my name already exists with a paypal nigeria account???

    What do I do in this case??

    And pplease sir I will love to have your email address for personal email is: [email protected] Thankss

  14. good day admin. pls Im still waiting for your email address. Let me ask some of my questions here:

    1) is this payoneer method for opening paypal account still working for nigerians as at today??

    2) I opened a nigerian paypal account last week and linked my naira master card to it. My question is that if I now want to open a new usa paypal account to use with this payoneer, can I still supply my correct full name for the new usa paypal account I will be opening?? because my correct name is already on the nigerian paypal. so won’t paypal detect this??

    Please I need your urgent reply.. thanks sir

  15. I am expecting money from my friend that is living in Sri Lanka but he told me to open account with PayPal so I don’t know what to do and how do I get a money changer? Can u help me on this today? because I am expecting the money tomorrow

  16. Good day. Just opened a nigeria PayPal account and yet to be verified. That’s, I was told to confirm my card by inputting a four code digit. This is have tried but hasn’t worked. Do my question is, can I transfer money to another PayPal without confirming the card?

  17. hi adeniyi please i need your help, i open a paypal account in malaysia 5yrs ago and iam now in nigeria and my master card that link that link to account has expir, if i add my nigeria card can i use it to recevie money i need your phone number pls alot more to talk about

  18. Hi I have like 45 dollars in my PayPal account, can I send it to you and you send me the naira equivalent?
    Please I’ve been looking for a way to get the money out for days

  19. Hi,
    i recently opened a payoneer account and after acivating my card, in the GLOBAL PAYMENT SERVICE section, i saw USD receiving details. bank name, account number, routing number e.t.c. Are these different from the virtual account number to be requested from payoneer

  20. i dont know much about paypal acct someone sent me money through it,i opened the paypal acct here in negeria wat is the next step to take to get my money

  21. i tried the link you gave for ordering card from payoneer but its still telling me to fill the spaces in latin characters wat shld i do.

  22. It looks like Payoneer is banned by PayPal as I contacted them and they said they don’t allow bank account from Payoneer to be added. I have no other way to get money out unless I do currency exchange, but that is risky and hard to trust people.

    I came across the website Auction Essistance for PayPal and it looks like they offer withdraw services for PayPal.

    Have you heard of them? Are they safe to use?

  23. Hello.. I heard there are some teqs we Nigerian do use to receive money with PayPal.. Any body with d info or ready to help pls

  24. Please admin, do you have contacts of any dollar exchanger in nigeria? i need a contact. i want to sell my paypal funds. please i am waiting for your reply.

  25. Pls admin, I already have a us paypal Account. I want to open the Nigerian PayPal account using the same detail my be a different email. Will it affect my already existing account?
    2. Can I stillmwithdraw with my payoneer I used to verify my us PayPal?

  26. Good day sir, I want to know if the PayPal and payoneer linking to withdraw money in Nigeria is still operative in this 2017 as I have a company that is demanding to pay me via PayPal account. Thanks looking for your reply

    • will you also be kind enough to share companies paying through paypal too? I have another virtual account that can be registered on paypal and verified to receive payments. you can email me on [email protected]….so that we can chat privately. thanks.

      • I would also like to know since Nigeria very restrictive. I contacted Auction Essistance and they said they do withdraw service for us but they charge fee. Do you know anyone who using their withdraw service?

  27. I have been hearing that Auction Essistance offers USA accounts and they also offer a withdraw service for us Nigerians? Nigeria has too many restrictions and I can’t send money with them.

  28. Hi Admin,
    Is it possible to link my domiciliary account with my Paypal and withdraw into my domiciliary account
    Please note, my paypal account is not signed up using a vpn. (I registered as from Nigeria)
    Please help

  29. please tell me all necessary procedure’s i need to full own a PayPal account and running it successful in Nigeria and when and when do I need to use the a vpn please also let me know how long it last my newly acquired PayPal account and how much will it cost me to get the account.

  30. Hello Admin surfing through the internet and I dabbled into this, please I have some online survey am currently doing as you know most of this online stuff Nigerian are restricted.
    So am using foreign email and I opened email on that name too

    Please do you any PayPal merchant I can sell my mine to that will help to cash out in naira

  31. Hello thanks for this info it’s helpful..please I have a payooneer card already …how do I apply for the American bank acct no? …is the a link to that? Or has that protocol ban been lifted that Nigerians can withdraw directly now

  32. Very educative, I enjoyed all the comments and replies. Since this is an old post, I want to know if the limitation on the pay pal still apply to Nigeria till date. And if yes, please I need step by step procedure to connect payooner to PayPal.
    Expecting to hear from admin soon.

  33. Admin Payoneer does work for paypal again.I opened a payoneer card account last year and also a non Nigeria paypal account which I link the virtual us account that comes comes with the payoneer I logged into my paypal only to notice my us virtual account has been removed i tried to add it again but it wont let me.I tried to verify my debit mastercard but it wont let me as the billing on the card profile is nigeria while billing on paypal is new york.Although I still have the initial micro deposit of the initial on the payoneer as available on the card.cant

  34. Hello,
    Please what now happened to my situation, because i use to buy products from eBay and at time I get a refund, which means the seller actually send me back my money, without a pioneer card, all I use is my Gtbank mastercard.
    Please can you explain this, Thanks.

  35. Hi, i signed up for Nigeria PayPal account, then i made a mistake by linking it to an online merchant hoping to receive funds from them, how can i get the fund from my PayPal into my Nigeria bank account

  36. Am into some internet money making but the site only allow paypal, I already have PayPal account but he account is asking me to link my us bank account which I don’t have pls how can I get my cash. Ole help me


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