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Uber taxi is one of the latest goldmines in town today.  In this write-up, you will be enlightened on how you can register with Uber Nigeria and make good money.

So, what is Uber?

Uber is a taxi company driven by technological innovation and they provide nothing short of comfortable taxi that can convey you from anywhere to anywhere in Nigeria. All you need is just a small Smartphone application.

The customer will need to get the uber app downloaded on his phone whenever the customer needs a taxi.  The customer will just push a button to make request for one.  The app will automatically match the customer with any of uber taxis that is nearest and available.

The app will also provide the customer with an estimate of the fare.  The custom will have to register a credit card for the purpose of transaction and the app will charge the credit card automatically. Payment of the driver is paid directly into his bank account on weekly basis. As a result, the passenger will not have to pay the driver in cash for the ride. After the ride, the customer is given an estimate of the transaction and this is sent to his email address.

How to make money from Uber Nigeria

Uber is only responsible for providing the app hat helps connect the rider and the driver. This means the company does not own any of the vehicles that are involved in the business.  This is exactly where individuals can come in as partners in this service.  You can turn your car into Uber taxi and start making very good money.

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All you have to do is to pick up customers and you will get paid regularly.  If you have some sizeable capital, you can buy fleet of cars and put them under the uber network. You can also hire drivers to drive these cars for you and pay the drivers their shares.  So, you can make money from uber, either by driving the car by yourself to pick up uber customers or by hiring drivers for your taxi.

As an uber partner, you will become self-employed. You can also determine how much you want to earn since you will have complete control on how long you work per day. It is very easy to adjust your availability to suit you just perfectly.  The company will only send you customers when you are available to work.

One other benefit of the Uber taxi plan is that you will never have to haggle over price with the customer. The customer already knows the price before he boards the taxi and he is already charged for the ride on your behalf.  With this uber plan, the stress of arguing with the customer is removed from taxi driving.

The amount paid by the customer is automatically calculated by the software based on the time it will take to cover the distance and the distance you will travel during the ride.

How does uber make money? Uber Nigeria will charge you only 20% of the total amount you earn and the rest will be sent to your bank account.

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  1. I want to start with My Toyota Sienna. How do I register pls. I live in Abuja and I know the city and it’s environs very well


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