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  1. LG 8Kg F1496TDP23

It is fully automated and has front load. It only weighs 8kg in total and it can take up to 8 kg of weight. It is white in color and its washing method is Trumble wash. It has a maximum speed of 1400 rpm. It comes with inverter control and also anti rat cover. This is the best LG Washing machine with dryer so far, that is gifted with the highest revolution speed.

2. LG P1515R3S

It is semi automatic in action and it has top loading feature. It has a total load capacity of maximum of 7.9kg. It has a roller jet pulsator loading method and its wash load is 9.5 kg. It is controlled via electro mechanical. It comes with collar cleaner, lint collector and spin shower features.

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3. LG T7567TEELH

It is fully automatic in nature. It also comes with top loading feature. It weighs between 6.1 and 7 kg. It has a 3 step wash washing method. It can take a maximum load of 6.5 kg. It has a maximum speed of 710 rpm.

4. LG T10RRF21V

It is also fully automatic. It weighs 9 kg and has a maximum wash load of 9kg. It has 800 rpm as its maximum speed at which it can spin and it comes with a punch +3 Pulsator. It is a top loading type of washing machine.

5. LG T9003TEELR

It is a top loading type of washing machine. It weighs between 7.1 and 8 kg and it can take a maximum weight of 8 kg. Its wash method is punch +3 pulsator and its spin speed is 800 rpm maximum.

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6. LG P8239R3S

It is a full automatic washing machine and dryer. It has semi automatic and top loading. It has a total weight of 7.9 kg and can take up to 7.2 kg of washing load. Its wash method is roller jet pulsator and its maximum spin is 740 rpm.

7. LG T7567TEELR

It is an automatic washing machine and dryer. It has top loading feature and can handle up to 7 kg weight. It comes with at 3-step wash method and also spins at 710 rpm. It comes with auto balance system, waterfall circulation and several other features.

8. LG F1496TDP24

It is fully automatic and it has front load feature. It has a maximum capacity of kg, same for the dryer. It comes with front load feature and it has a 1400 rpm spin speed. It comes with anti rat cover and also has inverter control.

9. LG P7853R3S

It is a special washing machine in all sense and comes with semi automatic feature. It can carry up to 6/8 kg of washing weight and drying weight. It has a pulsator washing method and has a 740 rpm spin speed.

10. LG P9032R3S

It is a semi automatic washing machine and has top loading feature. It has a load capacity of 8kg. It has a wash method of roller jet pulsator. It also has an electro mechanical kind of control. It comes with lint collector, collar scrubber, anti vibration rubber, buzzer and a host of other features.

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