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In this write-up, you will learn quite a lot about the Nigerian air force ranks and also learn about their salary structure. But before we venture into the salary structure and ranks, let us look into background information about the Nigerian air force.

The Nigerian air force is among the most equipped in Africa today. It is also one of the very first air forces ever put together in Africa. The Nigerian air force was nothing to write home about prior to the Nigerian civil war. However, it has grown in leaps and bounds since then.

Nigerian Air Force History

Nigerian Air Force Ranks and SalaryAs stated earlier, the Nigerian air force was not well equipped before the civil war. In fact, the civil war met them unprepared. As a result, the Nigerian air force had to rely on the expertise of the Egyptian pilots and air forces to fight the civil war from the air.

After the civil war, however, the Nigerian air forces started buying more equipment and upgrading its arsenal. They also recruited more men to join them.  These days, it has become one of the most enviable air forces in the entire African continent.

As at today, the Nigerian air force has up to 10,000 personnel, comprising both non-commissioned and commissioned officers.

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The organization started operation in 1964, April 18th to be precise. It was established following the 1964 Air Force Act of the National Assembly. The Act stated that the Nigerian Air Force will be responsible for defending Nigeria via air operations. The following are some of the aims of the Nigerian Air Force:

  • To complement the defense system of Nigeria
  • To ensure versatile and quick deployment of Nigerian Air Forces anywhere it is necessary
  • To provide support for the Nigerian Army and Nigerian navy in every stage of military operation.
  • To play important role in ensuring the integrity of Nigeria as a single entity
  • To improve the prestige and image of the country
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The Chief of Air Staff is the adviser to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces about issues related to the Nigerian Air Force, including issues related to promotions along the Nigerian air force ranks and salary.  The Chief of Air Staff is also expected to combine forces with the Chief of Defense Staff and Minister of Defense in moving the Nigerian Air Force forward.

The Nigerian air force logo consists of the National Coat of Arm and some other elements that make the graphical representation a very unique one indeed.  The logo bears a scroll on which his written “Nigerian Air Force at its base.

There are two pairs of the wheat cobs at the top of the scroll and they are held together at their lower ends; the lower ends are tucked behind the scroll. The two pairs are, however, separated at the upper end by a small flag of Nigeria.

As a result, the cobs form a V-shape. An eagle sits comfortably on the Nigerian flag and it carries the Nigerian Coat of Arm on its back.  Most of the elements in the Nigerian Air Force Logo are colored yellow, except for the coat of arm and the Nigerian flag.

Location of the Nigerian Air force Bases

The Nigerian air force bases are located in various places across the country. These locations or bases will be highlighted below:

  • Nigerian Air Force Katsina, Katsina State
  • Nigerian Air Force Ipetu-Ijesa, Osun State
  • Nigerian Air Force Kano, Kano State. This base is located in the premises of the Aminu Kano International Airport
  • Nigerian Air Force Jos, Plateau State
  • Nigerian Air Force Enugu, Enugu State. This one is also based within the premises of Akanu Ibiam International Airport
  • Nigerian Air Force Benin, Edo State
  • Nigerian Air Force Kainji
  • Nigerian Air Force Yola, Adamawa State
  • Nigerian Air Force Shasha, Lagos
  • Nigerian Air Force Makurdi, Benue State. It is also based on the premises of Makurdi Airport
  • Nigerian Air Force Minna, Niger State. It is based within the Minna Airport
  • Nigerian Air Force Kaduna, Kaduna State. It is located in the Old Kaduna Airport
  • Nigerian Air Force Abuja, FCT.
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The Nigerian Air force ranks for Commissioned Officers

Ranking in the Nigerian Air Force follows the ranking system in the British Royal Air Force; this is not surprising, considering the fact that Nigeria got independence from Britain.  The various ranks in the Nigerian air force commissioned officer’s category are highlighted below from the highest rank to the lowest.

  • Marshall Of The Nigerian Air Force
  • Air Chief Marshal
  • Air Marshal
  • Air Vice Marshal
  • Air Commodore
  • Group Captain
  • Wing Commander
  • Squadron Leader
  • Flight Lieutenant
  • Flying Officer
  • Pilot Officer

Ranks Of Non-Commissioned Officers In The Nigerian Air Force

  • Air Warrant Officer
  • Master Warrant Officer
  • Warrant Officer
  • Flight Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Lance-Corporal
  • Aircraftman
  • Recruit

Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure

In the next section of this write-up, we will focus on the salary structure of each of the commissioned officer and non-commissioned officer in the Nigerian air force.

Salary structure of non-commissioned officers

  • Air warrant officer is paid about 171,793 naira per month
  • Master Warrant Officer is paid 165,697 naira per month
  • Warrant officer is paid 101,947 naira per month
  • Flight sergeant is paid 87,119 per month
  • Sergeant is paid 69,261 naira per month
  • Corporal is paid 58,634 naira per month
  • Lance corporal is paid 55,832 naira per month
  • Aircraftsman is paid 53,892 naira per month
  • Cadet is paid 44,564 naira per month

Salary structure of Commissioned officers

The salary structure for commissioned officers in the Nigerian air force is discussed below:

  • Air chief marshal is paid 1,724,283 naira per month
  • Air marshal is paid 1,486,451 naira per month
  • Air vice marshal is paid 1,376,343 naira per month
  • Air commodore is paid 677,895 naira per month
  • Group Captain is paid 352,631 naira per month
  • Wing Commander is paid 342,631 naira per month
  • Squadron leader is paid 248,004 naira per month
  • Flight Lieutenant is paid 232,484 naira per month
  • Flying officer is paid 218,400 per month
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As stated earlier, the Nigerian air force was not well equipped before the civil war. In fact, the civil war met them unprepared. As a result, the Nigerian air force had to rely on the expertise of the Egyptian pilots and air forces to fight the civil war from the air.


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