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As you begin your journey towards being the Nigerian Money Blogger, choosing a good domain name is one of the vital things that can make or mar your effort. In fact, choosing a good domain name for your website summarizes how far you can go to be a successful blogger. So, you must never take your domain name for granted.

Should you adopt the Linda Ikeji’s kind of domain name, or use a keyworded approach?

***UPDATES: Linda Ikeji Finally Changed from .blogspot to

So, now Let’s answer the question…

Take a little while to research your market and the impact you want to make before you set out to choose your domain name.
Some Questions to Answer Before you Choose a Domain Name

Before you decide to choose a specific domain name, you must answer a few questions about it to be sure you are on the right track.

*What is the topic you will be blogging about?

Of course, it is allowed to create a blog with your name the domain name or just some phrase coming from another planet even if it is not an English word. For example, you might think of, right? Yes, Linda Ikeji uses her name as domain name and she is making money today, isn’t it? So, you may argue that why shouldn’t you?

Well, based on experience, I am sure that Linda would probably make much more if her domain name was more carefully chosen to capture the whole of what her blog, lindaikeji.blogspot, stands for— I mean entertainment, gist, jokes. Also, she is better off and much secure with using a paid domain name just as I explained in this post.

However, it should go without saying that it is much better for blogs or website names to reflect their topic or what they stand for. That will help your audience know at a glance what to expect when they visit your blog. That truly differentiates a professional blogger from an amateur!

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*What is your purpose for setting up a blog?

Well, many blogs out there start out as a hobby, or a way to build one’s profile online. But, if your motif is to make money on your blog and earn through ads, then you must clearly define your goal from the scratch.

*With what tone and voice will you be writing your blog?

Yes, this is very important too. You must choose the tone and style well because this can define the audience that will read from you.
You should figure out the style to adopt in your writing– whether you want to be humorous, news-like, rant-ish, blunt, etc. As I said before, your blogging style will affect your readership.

*Who is your audience?

You must be sure of the caliber of people your blog will appeal to. Are they professional, geeks, and people with a form of disability or the other?

I hope my explanations above are very clear.  To summarize, you need to consider your entire strategy when naming your business, before you purchase your domain name.

*Where will your traffic come from?

I have read a number of articles explaining how you can choose your domain name. Unfortunately, very few of these articles factor the kind of traffic you should build your website around. I feel traffic sources are equally important and should be considered when you are choosing your domain name. Ok, let me trash this out a little further.

There are three main traffic sources to any blog or website:
<*> Loyal blog readers who will directly type your domain url in their browser and visit your blog
<*>Referral traffic from other websites that link to your blog or recommend you to their audience
<*>Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc who will send visitors to your site based on their search query.

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Out of these three sources of web traffic to your site, traffic from the search engines is the most rewarding and efficient! People enter their search terms in the search engines such as Google and your site comes first on Page 1. Visitors now click your site link from search results and head over to your site. Just like that – Free traffic from Google turns into thousands of visits per day and earnings for you when you monetize the traffic Google sends to your site. This sounds simple, right? But there is more work involved to be able to rank number 1 in Google.

Why Keyworded Domain Name Really Rocks!
Nevertheless, choosing the right domain name with the right keyword you aim to rank for is the key. In addition, your domain name should be more targeted and memorable.

For example, if you sell tennis shoes for example, and you know that thousands of people search for cute tennis shoes daily, your best could be to incorporate that phrase “cute tennis shoes” in your domain name so customers can easily find you online—that is what I mean by keyworded domain name.

As in the above example, a website such as has over 99% chances of appearing on Google first page than another website with a more generic term such as when a Google user searches for the phrase “cute tennis shoes”.

Now… It is time to take action!

Bearing in mind all the tips I have shared above, you can now create a good domain name for your website. It may not necessarily be a “Linda Ikeji” kind of domain name or It must be specific, keyworded and memorable. Choose a domain name and pay for it alongside the hosting of your site. I would recommend Hostgator both for domain name and hosting—I purchased some of my domain names from Hostgator and have so far been hosting all my websites with them. i I am happy with their services and can gladly recommend them to you. 🙂

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Domain name with them costs around $10 (LESS THAN 2,000 Naira) per year, while hosting goes for as low as around $60 ( around 9,000 Naira) for a year. The service is fast, secure and very efficient and you can be sure your website or blog will be up 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week. No downtime! Unlike many Nigerian hosting companies with poor services, Hostgator is an award-winning US hosting service– very reliable. Check Hostgator out here.

Talk to you later! But make sure you have already purchased your domain name and hosting before we proceed to the next level of this e-course!


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