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I am happy to announce to you that I will be launching a free e-course titled the Nigerian Money Blogger soon, starting from the 1st of June 2014. It will comprise a series of weekly informative tutorials and articles on everything you need to know about online blogging in Nigeria and how you can make money online through blogging. I will be laying bare valuable tips from my wealth of 5-year experience of making money online and give an in-depth analysis of how you can succeed blogging.

Who is the Nigerian Money Blogger (NMB) e-course for?
This free e-course is for both Beginners and Intermediate Nigerian bloggers who have the interest to make money online, particularly through blogging from the comfort of their own home. Even if you are already an expert blogger, you will soon find out in the e-course that there is indeed a lot more to know from other people’s rich source of experience. Perhaps, I may be achieving success with blogging using a much different strategy you can learn from.

What are the Requirements for the e-course?
Well, as I already said above, the e-course is free and won’t cost you a penny (or a kobo!). Of course, all you will need is to have internet access to be able to read the Online Businesses and Opportunity Section of this blog.

Here are some of the topics covered in the e-course:
• Introduction to Blogging
• How to Choose a Profitable, High Traffic Nigerian Niche for your Blog
• The Way to go when Building your Blog
• What Kind of Blog Content Attracts a Large Nigerian Audience?
• SEO: How to Make Google love your Blog and Send you Valuable Traffic
• How to make people Share your Content on Social Media
• The Best ways to make money from your Blog
• Plus a whole lot of other miscellaneous topics that may fill a 30-page e-book

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You may think am going crazy for giving Such Valuable e-course for free?
Oh no, I ain’t crazy and do appreciate the value of money. Also, I know many other internet gurus out there will attach a price to it. However, I believe in the power of building a relationship by simply helping people is a lot better!

The e-course contains valuable information you will learn from and can be sure it will even spur you to greater heights. This e-course contains are valuable tips and of course, the topics are even free of charge!

Special Warning: Don’t Copy/Paste the E-course without my Approval!

While it is Ok to link to my e-course via your website or share any part of the e-course series with friends via social media online or offline, you are NOT permitted to use any of this e-course content on your website or blog without my written permission, and attribution thereafter. Otherwise, I will sue you for Copyright infringements under the Nigerian Copyright law.

That is not all… As a Google Search Engineer, I have the means and wherewithal to file a Copyright infringement dispute against you with Google. Trust me; I have the luxury of time for this! Eventually, Google may result to removing your website from their database and penalize your website severely. So, I guess you will be responsible enough to give me credits to my work or you don’t use it without permission.

In Conclusion….
Ranting over! So, watch out for the first post in the Nigerian Millionaire Blogger e-course. See you on the other side of blogging, where the sky is not your limit except you don’t want to soar higher.

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