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What exactly is blogging?
There is quite a lot definition on the internet about what blogging is and what’s not. Well, here is my own simple definition of blogging. Blogging comprises the art and science of writing and sharing useful, compelling information to the audience through a blog, in a consistent timely manner. And in case you are wondering what a blog is… A blog is the micro website software for blogging which contains dynamic content automatically arranged in a chronological manner when the blogger writes content

A blogger uses the blog software to blog. In other words, the blogger posts content in the blogging software.
Well, I choose to call blogging an art because the trend of information sharing these days, particularly in Nigeria, has added a bit of consideration for magnificent presentation of facts, gist, entertainment and even gossip. :mrgreen:

Blogging has now become an art?
You will find out that quite a lot of Nigerian bloggers now blogging with images, videos. The art of blogging also requires that you use an attractive blogging platform that would captivate your audience so they become “glued to you”. Can you imagine reading a blog with words littered all over the place with no image to rest your eyes on? No!

The Science part of Blogging
Blogging is a body of knowledge which every blogger should master above average if he or she is to succeed at it. As a Nigerian blogger just starting out, you will need to fully understand how to research keywords your audience is searching for in the search engines (for example, Google and Yahoo!), and look for the best way to present them with the information they need in a refreshing manner. The audience is king and so your content must appeal to them if you want to excel at blogging.

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In addition, you must know how SEO or Search Engine Optimization works and how you can make your site SEO-friendly so that Google can send traffic to your web site. (SEO will be discussed in details later in the course of this e-course series).

What Blogging is NOT!
Blogging is not something you do once in a while or once in a blue moon when you feel jobless. If you are really serious about professional blogging to make a living or even taking up blogging as a hobby, then you must create a time plan for it. You need to choose a specific time of the day, week or month when you must update your blog consistently with fresh information for your audience to keep coming back.

As you will come to know later, a blog that is not frequently updated looks dead to the search engines and will send your audience to other more lively blogs in the World Wide Web.

What do you need to Succeed in Blogging?
• Basic tools
You rarely need to have an office to be a good blogger! However, it is important you have a reliable internet connection and a laptop or desktop PC if you want to go into blogging. It will also be to your own advantage if you have a phone with which you can surf the internet.
In fact, it is not impossible to blog from a handset or mobile phone. It sounds funny right? 😆 😆 😆

I remember I started a blog in 2010 from my Nokia 3110 Classic phone. It sounds funny right? Well, that blog has now grown so well that I receive regular income from it. Yes, the little hobby at that time has grown into something am proud of today, providing me with some degree of financial comfort as an online entrepreneur. So, don’t feel discouraged to blog if all you have is just an internet-enabled phone!

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• Other Requirements
As I have stated above, you need to practice the art and science of good blogging to be successful. Practicing the art of blogging attracts loyal audience to your site. And knowing the Science aspect of blogging makes you stand out from the crowd.
You must persevere and be patient because blogging does not start bringing in money overnight.

It takes determination, a bit of skills and patience to become a successful blogger. In addition, bear in mind that not every blog niche can attract a huge Nigerian audience!
You will need to find out the hot niche with little or no competition, and with the possibility of attracting a huge audience. Then, you must know how to monetize your blog effectively and make good money from blogging for all your efforts.

Watch out for the next article in the Nigerian Money Blogger (NMB e-course) Series on this later! If you have any question or comments, please feel free to share your thoughts by replying this thread. Also, if this e-course has helped you, kindly help others too to read this post. Feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc, by clicking on any of the Social media Icons close to the topic title above.

To your success!

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To be continued…

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