payoneer prepaid debit mastercard

Payoneer is an online payment processing company that is similar to Paypal. Unlike Paypal which does not allow Nigerians to receive and withdraw funds, Payoneer is open to all countries including Nigeria. With Payoneer Nigeria, you do not have to worry about getting paid online. You get paid online using Payoneer, and you will be able to receive and withdraw money using a Prepaid Dollar Mastercard.

The Payoneer Prepaid Dollar Mastercard is free and will be shipped to your house address here in Nigeria. With the Payoneer Prepaid Dollar Mastercard, you actually have access to withdraw your funds at any ATM location anywhere in NIGERIA, you can also use the Payoneer mastercard to pay for goods and services online. You literally do not need Paypal Nigeria anymore.

How To Apply For Payoneer Mastercard in Nigeria

Go to in order to sign up for a free account. Here is the link to request for Payoneer Card.. Click this link to sign up for Payoneer Mastercard. You will earn $25 free when you are paid up to $100 using your Payoneer Mastercard online.

You will need to fill in your name, address etc. The name and address details you enter must be as it is in the ID card you want to use for verification.

Create a desired password of your choice. You will also need to Set up a  Secret Question and Answer.

Subsequently, select your ID verification type. You can use your drivers license and supply the details of the ID as required on the Payoneer website.

Payoneer may ask you to Enter an alternate shipping address if it is different from the address you  earlier provided. This address is the address your debit card will be shipped to in Nigeria. So, make sure it is an address where they can reach you.

When you are done with filling the form, click the ORDER button.

How to Withdraw Funds to your Payoneer Mastercard in Nigeria

Here is a message I got from one of the loyal readers of this blog, He is asking about how to withdraw funds from a site he is working legitimately with. 

I thought I should share this so that others will benefit. His identity, name and email have been removed to protect his privacy:

Hello. I read yor blog concerning how to withdraw paypal money in nigeria. I really want to go into this online business venture and I think you can help me out. I am a medical student(anatomy) in the University of Benin and ever since the recession hit, things have been going from bad to worse for me(in financial matters). Good sir, I would like us to be in effective constant communication from time to time.

Sir, I have numerous questions and you are my only hope for answers. Like for instance, I want to start first, with shortening url on a website called ‘’ the payment methods they use include paypal, payoneer and webmoney. Sir if I choose paypal, should I give the website your email as means of payment while signing up? Please sir I would like you to help me in this aspect, like exchanging for me in naira to my bank account. I would happily provide whichever of my details you would require to do this. Or should I go to and register?

Also, I would like you to help me out by informing me about this stuff from time to time.
Good sir, your response to this email as soon as possible may just bring me out of this messy financial situation and I will be ever grateful for your services. Please Sir, do not forget to reply this mail. May God bless you and continue to increase your reserve everyday as the hands that will reply this mail will NEVER run dry.

Thanks for your anticipated understanding.


Here is my response below:

I am sorry about your financial situation. And I would be happy to help you out of your financial situation through legitimate means of making money online. 

It is good news that the website allows you to make withdrawal with Payoneer. With Payoneer, you don’t need to have PayPal account.

Once you amount has reached the desired minimum check out on the site, ask or click a button to withdraw in Payoneer.

Here is the link to request for Payoneer Card.. Click this link to sign up for Payoneer Mastercard. You will earn $25 free when you are paid up to $100 using your Payoneer Mastercard online.

This will take you to Payoneer website from where you can request for the card. You will be asked to supply a driver’s license, International Passport or other means of Verification approved by Nigerian government . You can also use the Nigerian government issued Permanent voter card.

Payoneer Mastercard will be shipped to any Nigerian address you supply. You can use your house address if you want. It usually takes about 1 month to receive your Payoneer Mastercard here in Nigeria.

The Payoneer Mastercard is a dollar Mastercard and can be used to withdraw money across all ATMs in Nigeria. You get paid in dollars using Payoneer Card,  and you can withdraw the Naira equivalent across an ATM in Nigeria, depending on the Dollar to Naira exchange rate.

It is free to get the Payoneer prepaid debit mastercard and get it shipped to Nigeria.

Note that you will earn an additional free $25 whenever your get paid up to $100 using Payoneer card, if you apply through the link above. I actually got this specially link for you to be able to earn extra $25 once you earn up to $100.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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