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List of Professional Courses & Exams in Nigeria

Different professional examinations are examined by different professional bodies in Nigeria. While some of these professional bodies are indigenous, some other ones are international professional bodies. There are instances where the indigenous professional examinations are more acceptable than the foreign ones and there are instances where the reverse is the case.  In this write-up, you will learn about the various professional examinations and the List of Professional Courses in Nigeria.

So, let us take a look at…

 Institute Of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria

This is one of the utmost professional bodies in the accounting section. They offer the popular ICAN examination and it takes up to 2 years to finish the program. The programs are in stages. How long the individual spends on the course is determined by the ability of the person to pass since you cannot go to the next stage if you do not pass the initial stage of examination. Their website is at

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Chartered Institute Of Bankers of Nigeria

While ICAN is for any accounting professional, only individuals involved in or planning on going into the banking sector can participate in the Chattered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria Examination.  Any banker that wants to be chattered can also go into this program. The examination is flexible too. You can find out more about this examination and dates of registration by visiting

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Nigerian Institute Of Estate Surveyors & Valuers      

As its name indicates, this examination body organizes examination for those planning on becoming professionals in Estate Survey and valuing. Graduates of Estate Management or those involved in one form of estate management activities or the other can register for this examination towards attaining new level of professionalism.  Their website is at

Chartered Institute Of Taxation Of Nigeria

The institution is set up for those who are involved in taxation and they are ratified by the Nigerian government. When there are job openings in government institutions responsible for internally generated revenue, the government prefers to employ people with certificate from this organization than just an ordinary graduate.  The students are taught all they need to know about the professionalism of taxation, making them able to function effectively in this aspect more than how their university degree can ever make them.  Their website is at

Association of General & Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria

This is an examination body for medical doctors, who are interested in going into general and private practice. Only a duly graduated medical doctor can register for this examination. After passing, he/she will be able to open his/her private hospital.  Their website is at

Association of Nation Accountants of Nigeria

The body is set up to organize professional examination for accountants in Nigeria. Any accounting graduate that passes this examination is considered a professional in accounting. In government establishments, such individuals will get better pay than those that do not have such professional certificate.  Their website is at

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Business Education Exams Council

The examination body is set up for individuals, who want to become professionals in business management. They offer business education examination to hone the professional ability of their students. Their website is at

We hope you have learned one or two things about the various professional examinations and the List of Professional Courses in Nigeria. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to post a comment below. Thanks!

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