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There are many Nigerians in South Africa today and you are sure to feel at home when you pay a visit to the country, either to stay permanently or just for visitation. There are also many Nigerian students schooling in various institutions in South Africa. It will not be a bad idea if you decide to school in South Africa or decide to work there. The South Africa Embassy in Nigeria is charged with the task of issuing South African visa.

In this written piece, you will learn about one or two things you should put into consideration when applying for visa to visit South Africa from Nigeria. You need to understand that South Africa has its peculiarities when issuing Visa and differs from processing UK visa application in Nigeria.

South Africa Embassy Address in Nigeria

South Africa High Commission, Lagos
24 Molade Okoya Thomas Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

South Africa High Commission, Abuja
71 Usuma Street, Maitama, Abuja

Before you apply for South African visa application…

These are important things to consider  when applying.
You are required to fill and submit the visa application and make sure you get it submitted at the application center for the visa. It is also important to photocopy every document you need, that is, all your original documents. The application also requires that you submit three different copies of your international passport.

The South Africa visa application form  can be filled online and you can also submit it online. The application form is very easy to understand and you will never need any extra help whatsoever to fill the form.

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Make sure you pay the application fee as failed to do this may cause total cancellation of the visa application. Various methods of payment are made available. All original documents must be photocopied and also submitted along with your visa application. After the submission, you will be asked to check back for approval and you will be given particular day or time to come for the visa interview after some time.

The beautiful thing about applying for visa to South Africa is that you can easily track the application and find out about its progress along the line. This way, you will be able to know the particular date to come for interview. You will however be required to provide certain information as pass code in order to access the information regarding the process of your application.
 Requirements for applying for South Africa visa are:
• Flight booking
• Marriage certificate in the event you are married and this is only required if you have the intention of staying in South Africa for anything above 90 days.
• Certificate of both for your kids must also be included too in the event you already have kids and you will be traveling with them to South Africa.
• Letter of confirmation and invitation before you travel. The letter must include the phone number and also physical address of the company or individual that has invited you to South Africa.
• You must provide evidence that you have undergone vaccination when you are making application for the South African visa.
• Provide also evidence that you are financially stable to bear your financial needs in South Africa.
• Evidence of booking or reservation of accommodation or hotel.
• Recommendation and introduction letter from the person or employer you are going to meet in South Africa.
• A letter about yourself including your phone number and also your physical address.

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