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Tecno Phantom 7 (Plus) Review

From its humble beginning , Tecno Mobile has gained ground and it is now producing top class devices fit to compete favorably with several other top line mobile devices the world over. In this write-up, you will learn about the various features and specifications of this new Tecno Phantom 7 Plus device from Tecno.

Tecno Phantom 7 Plus is the offshoot of Tecno Phantom 6 Plus, a device that was released by Tecno Mobile in 2016. It will also have certain similarities to Tecno Phantom 6. This new device is expected to be the flagship device from Tecno Mobile for 2017.  Needless to say, the Tecno brand has gained leadership position in the world of mobile device manufacturing and it looks set to remain relevant for years to come.

Rumours have it that Airtel Nigeria may be giving away free data promo offer with  this device when it is finally released!

Tecno Phantom 7 Specs (The expected features)


Tecno Phantom 7 Plus is yet to be released for sale, but lot conjectures have taken over the mobile world about the expected features in this device.  Tecno is expected to announce its release later this year, 2017.  There are indications that the device will feature a Helio X25 processor. Reports reaching us also have it that it will have RAM of 4GB and it is expected to run on a 4,500 mAh battery pack.

The pack is also included with a charger that can get the battery charged fast. The screen size is expected to be 5.95 inches in width and it is expected to be an AMOLED display screen. Its screen resolution is expected to be 1080 x 1920 pixels with QHD display feature.

Tecno Phantom 7 Plus is expected to feature a premium look and its screen is expected to be curved at the edges from one side to the other.  The frame is expected to be made of metal material and it is expected to be available in different colors available in Phantom 6.  The primary and secondary cameras are expected to be 16MP each. The cameras will come with loads of features and the secondary camera is the perfect tool for all your selfie needs.  The RAM will be 4GB and the internal memory is expected to be 64GB. There are indications that the internal memory can also be expanded to 256 GB.  Some are of the opinion that the device will also feature fingerprint sensor, but there is no concrete evidence to back this up yet.

Tecno Phantom 7 (Plus) Price in Nigeria, Kenya

No one can say specifically what the price will be since it is yet to be released. However, there is assurance that the actual price will become clearer as the release date draws closer. The previous device, Tecno Phantom 6 and Tecno Phantom 6 Plus, sold for between 80,000 naira and 90,000 naira in Nigeria and about 28,900 KSh in Kenya; conjectures have it that the Tecno Phantom 7 Plus will sell a little bit higher than this price range since the features in this latter product is expected to be far higher than what obtains in the former. No one is sure about the actual price yet until the device is finally released for sale. The device is expected to be released around the same time as Tecno Phantom 7.  

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