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Despite the bad economy, unemployment, high illiteracy levels, corruption in public offices and the likes—resourceful Nigerians are making the best use of the opportunities open to them, in a legitimate way! Not just in a legitimate way, but also a way that would benefit others, make the world a better place worthy of living and yes, put money in their pocket for the services rendered. Creative Nigerians have decided to make the web, their “virtual office” and make money Online.

Talking about making money online in Nigeria, the available opportunities are limitless. In fact, better than the real world, the internet offers a sea of legitimate money-making opportunities that never runs dry! Here are a few online opportunities you can avail yourself of, and join the thousands of spirited Nigerians currently smiling to the bank on their own accord, and working for themselves as online professionals.

1. Freelancing
The “free” in freelancing does not mean you have to work for free online. Instead, it means you are free to work for more than one “employer” without the usual 8am-5pm conditions that come with a regular job. I have been working as a freelancer since 2008 and I understand some benefits of the freelancing profession. I choose the kind of clients I want to work for, how much of my time to devote to the job and how much l want to be paid. In a regular real world job, these fringe benefits may be off limits to you. That is why freelancing is the best! I simply call freelancing “creative freedom to earn online.”

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2. Blogging
This is one great area Nigerians can tap into to make ends meet. A blog is like a mini website that usually provides regular information and articles about specific areas of human endeavors. There are hot areas or niches you could publish your blog in. Nigerians are looking for information everyday on the web, and you can help out by publishing a blog in any area that interests you. For example, you can blog about entertainments, fashion, web design, jokes, news and so on.

Just follow your interest and write a blog about what you love best. With time, you will build a loyal audience and you can start monetizing your blog. Believe it or not, there are many Nigerian bloggers making money online. For example, Linda Ikeji makes millions of Naira monthly online from her BlogSpot blog, I know a few other Nigerian bloggers who are making 6-figure income.

3. Affiliate Marketing
This is an interesting type of online marketing. Affiliate marketers help others promote their businesses by helping them drive sales, sign ups or subscriptions. In return, the affiliate marketer receives commission for their efforts. You can do affiliate marketing by just having a link or banner about a product or service you are promoting on your website.

Alternatively if you don’t have a website, some products or services can allow you put a link in your email address and give you commission when you drive sales. Affiliate marketing can be done passively, as you really can set it up and literally “go to sleep”.

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For example, you can set you Google AdSense on your site and Google pays you whenever people click on the ads they display on your website. In other words, you can still earn money with Google Adsense even while you are asleep and snoring, provided somebody clicks on the ads! Bear in mind that Google will need to approve your application before you can participate in the Google AdSense affiliate program .

4. Participating in Contests
This method of making money online in Nigeria is not so common. Yet, it is very profitable, since you get paid in dollars. Participating in online contests also give you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and build your own portfolio. There are many contests you can participate in online. But, I have tried a few graphic design contests because of my graphic and web design skills.

The Design Contest, just like any other contest, works by bringing designers to contest on a design project, and create a design to meet the specifications of the contest holder. At the end of the contest, the contest holder chooses the best designer and pays him or her the prize money. If you have graphic, logo or web design skills, you can register for a design contest on this site.

5. Selling Your Own Personal Products Online
Selling products online is also a very profitable way to make money. Depending on your experience, you can choose to sell physically goods online just within Nigeria, or go global if you have the merchandise and handle shipping. Selling globally requires more commitment, resources and requires bigger risks than selling locally here in Nigeria.

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However, I will suggest you choose the way of selling digital stuff that buyers can download instantly after paying you. This is almost stress free and digital products don’t require shipping, expiry date or merchandise storage.

You can even sell the same material to thousands of buyers. For example, you can write and sell a compelling e-book that offers valuable information, not easily found somewhere else, or solves problems. To solve the problem of payments, you can ask people to pay to your bank account and you send a PDF format of the book once you confirm their payment.

In conclusion, there are millions of legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria. In fact, you are only limited by your creativity. It is up to you to either make money online full-term or part-time, actively or passively as I have explained in this article about the top 5 ways to make money online in Nigeria. With commitment, patience and dedication, you will hit the mark soon. Establish your business online today and never look back.

As a successful online entrepreneur who has numerous digital investments, I am always here to help you grow and we can grow together. Send me a PM here on the forum or reply to any of my post if you have any questions. To your success!

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  1. Pls what kinds of product can be sold online and do they require money to start pls i love this and i will be ready to learn more thanks

    • Hi Benjamin, You can decide to sell your personal products online or sell another person’s product as an affiliate marketer and earn commission for every sale made through you. The business you are promoting will be responsible for
      Shipping and handling the products sold through you.

      If you have a solid budget, you can create your own ecommerce site, handle shipping and sell products to your customers directly.

      To get started, you will need to have a fully functional website to be able to sell effectively online and make some money. We can help you create a website for a fee if you are interested . If you are interested, send a mail to [email protected]

  2. nigeria needs peoples like you in the it field. My question is how can some 1 pay 4 my products before he download it. keep up the good work.

    • Hi Netprince, Well, you can set up a download site where people get to pay for downloadable products using their credit/debit card. Or manually ask people to send money to your bank account when they purchase your eBook. Hope this is clear.

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    You can make money online daily like i do, you just have to try this link to get started

  4. Thanks a lot. Please how can I be sure a site is 100% secured before I enter vital information like my credit card details on the site. Some sites that has SSL certificate are still fraudulent, please how can I curb this.

  5. You can invest only #700 one time payment and see how many millions you make in few weeks. It’s not stressful at join.
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