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There are every important things you must keep in mind when planning on traveling to the UK. This write up is put together to provide you with helpful information that will help see you through and make it easy for you to escape the dangers and possibilities of being denied visa. This is a complete guide on UK visa application in Nigeria. You can travel to the UK on various purposes, like work, residency, business, tourism or education.

You need to make available a number of items while processing the UK visa application, in Nigeria in order to be duly considered for the visa. You need to obtain immigration passport as a Nigerian citizen. Make sure that the Nigerian passport is however valid and it must have minimum of 30 days validity at the time of applying for the visa. If you do not have an immigration passport already, just apply for same online. You can equally go to any of the immigration offices in Nigeria nearest to you.

UK (British) Embassy in Nigeria Address

Abuja Office

British High Commission in Abuja, Nigeria

19 Torrens Close, Off Mississippi Street
Off Shehu Shagari Way (North), Maitama
Visa section: Dangote House
Aguiyi Ironsi Street
Wuse, Abuja


(+234) 8 160 340 925
(+234) 8 036 591 145 (Visa)


(+234) 9 462 2263
(+234) 9 462 3223


[email protected]
[email protected]



Dr Andrew Pocock, High Commissioner


Lagos Office

Email: [email protected] (Consular issues), [email protected] (Visa enquiries)
Office hours: 8am – 3.30pm Monday to Friday (local time)
Deputy British High Commission, Lagos.
11 Walter Carrington Crescent.

You need to understand that UK visas are of different types and the one you go for is determined by your purpose of visiting the UK. You can decide to obtain visa as a visitor if you are visiting the UK to attend conferences, training, business, study, vacation or holiday. Student visa is specially made for those intending to study in the UK.

As a diplomat or government official, you can go for a short term visa. A student visa can last for up to three years.

What are the requirements of a successful UK visa application in Nigeria?

They are listed below:

  • Marriage certificate for the married.
  • Full details of flight and hotel bookings
  • Your utility bills
  • Letter from a friend or sponsor that is supporting you and the sponsor must be residing in the UK.
  • If you are visiting the UK for any official business, you are required to attach conference, training, confirmation or invitation letter to your application. Phone numbers, physical address and other information about the company inviting you must be provided with the application.
  • Birth certificate of your kids in the event you are traveling with them to the UK.
  • Original bank statement to give proof of your financial capability. The bank statement must give up to 6 months bank detail.
  • Letter of invitation
  • Passport data page photocopy
  • Evidence of the permission you have to visit the UK; these include residence permit, green card, visa and so on.
  • Visa fee
  • A passport photograph having white background.
  • Application form, which you are to fill online.
  • Travel passport. You can also present your ECOWAS passport.

You can visit the Abuja or Lagos application centers. This way, you can get the passport processed within as very short period of time. You can consult the information on the UK visa website to find out about the right type of visa to apply for and how much the visa application will cost you. You will be presented with GWF number after making your UK visa application in Nigeria. This number is very important and must be kept very carefully. You will be required to bring the number and other documents, like your application form and passport along with you when going for visa application.

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