Techno phones have been quietly in the emerging Nigerian mobile market way back 2010. However, in recent times, they have suddenly become so very popular that they now dictate the pace of the mobile technology in Africa, and particularly Nigeria—the giant of Africa and most populous black nation on planet earth.  😛

The current trend today is that at least 5 in every 10 Nigerians who have a mobile phone have a Tecno phone, implying that Techno phones are now displacing other mobile giants such as Samsung, Nokia, to the bottom of the ladder.

One then wonders how a mobile phone company, that once seemed to be in “hibernation” or appearing comatose in the African tech industry, could suddenly hit the market hard and displace their hitherto dominating, powerful competitors. What are the secrets responsible for the technological popularity of Techno phones, in Africa, taking Nigeria as a case study?


1.         Affordability

Most Nigerians are middle-class, and would barely be able to spend a fortune on a mobile gadget. However, the arrival of Techno phones in the Nigerian market has opened the door of opportunities for Nigerians to own priceless mobile technologies at affordable costs.

For example, Tecno Nigeria was the first mobile company to sell their all-powerful Android device used in the Tecno N3, Tecno P5, Tecno D5 and other Tecno phone series for as low as 13,000 Naira at a time when Samsung and other competitors sold similar technology from 75,000 Naira and above.


2.         Innovative Technology

If you follow the series of Android devices Tecno has developed in recent times, you will notice that a new line of technology grows in each phone the company launched into the mobile market. According to what they preach, Tecno considers as obligation the demands of every society for future communication.

Remember the days when even a 4,500 Naira Tecno phone would come with a TV, camera, internet surfing capabilities? Now, the average Tecno phone would even ping using the BBM messenger, come with a crystal clear camera device, sleek elegant design—just to mention a few of the endless technological capabilities Nigerians are craving for!


3.         Trust & Warranty

Just like every important business that wants to build loyal customers and fans, Tecno Mobile earns respect and trust in the hearts of teeming Nigerians. I can confidently buy a Tecno phone, with the 12 months + warranty that the device would be replaced or repaired if found faulty or below the standards advertised. In the event of complaints, all I would need do is to visit the Tecno mobile office in Nigeria.

Techno (or “Tecno” if you choose to call it right!) phones no doubt have been dominating the Nigerian market and will continue to do so. Their strong presence has hit many other Africa nations and I don’t think they will give up anytime soon—of course, leaving when the ovation is loudest doesn’t work with business. Perhaps, a better mobile solution may be in the offing. But as Tecno continues to roll out amazing and very affordable technologies to Nigerians on daily basis, we can safely conclude that Techno phones have indeed come to stay!



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